Airbnb hosts may be required to pay tax to Utrecht municipality

Homeowners who decide to become Airbnb hosts may soon be required to pay a 5% tourist tax on each rental period towards the Utrecht municipality. This is already the case in Amsterdam since February. Hotels and pensions have been paying tourist tax ever since the idea was invented.

The Utrecht municipality will have to negotiate a deal with Airbnb to close an agreement and make the tourist tax effective. Tourist tax is a fair idea as far as some experts are concerned. It levels up the playing field and also creates a nice hedge fund that can be reinvested into the Utrecht tourism sector.

The municipality are still weary as to how to ensure that every host pays the tax at the required moment in time. Most probably, a system will be implemented, just like the one in Amsterdam, that will ensure that every host pays tourist tax to minimize the chance of tax evasion.

The municipality are also looking into implementing a limitation into the number of days a host may rent out his property.

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