Affordable shopping moves closer to Uithof

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In a move that shows that for a change political parties are in touch with their community, GroenLinks have called for a larger, affordable supermarket to be built on the Uithof

The lack of this facility has been discussed for too long and now action seems about to be taken.

To all visitors and residents of the area this problem has been obvious and as long ago as 2012 it was on the council’s agenda. So why has it taken so long to come to fruition?

It seems that recent research by Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht University and SSH has shown the blindingly obvious that the most important need for the thousands of visitors and residents of the Uithof is a larger and more affordable supermarket. Currently there is only a Spar.

Melody Deldjou Fard, a council member for GroenLinks in Utrecht feels that people, no matter how well off they are, should be able to do their daily shopping at the Utrecht Science Park. She notes that people are having to travel as far as Bunnik to shop.

It is important in life that we have choices and are not forced into a situation that means we cannot act as we would wish. all opportunities should be made available to the individual.

What are the city’s ruling body going to do about this asks GroenLinks? Should the mayor get more involved? Are there unseen obstacles or just a lack of will to progress? The local community deserves answers and quickly.

Do you work at Uithof and find this a problem?

How far do you have to travel to do your shopping?

What other facilities are needed?

Let us know so that we can share with each other.

Your opinion counts.

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Jon Wilkins

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