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This week is the Week of Literacy, organized by the Reading and Writing Foundation. There will be many activities around language and computing and of course there will be coffee and some goodies.

The library is very busy promoting language skills. Every week there is a special programme for adults who want to learn how to improve their reading and writing or want to improve their computer skills. The library together with promoters such as DigiWijs and Taal Doet Meer in the so-called digiTaalhuis are at the forefront of this initiative. Interested parties can use the walk-in consultation area, the Doe Mee Starting Point every week in various branches of the Library. All these organizations will be present in the Library and can help people with language and computer questions.

At the Doe Mee Starting Points in the Week of Literacy, there will be even more going on at the libraries. In every library there will be different activities. At Kanaleneiland there will be a Language Café, in Hoograven there is a wonderful presentation by people who have learned to read and write at a later age. There are all kinds of organizations from the neighbourhood who will answer peoples questions and will be able to give tips and advice, and there will be opportunities to ask about writing a resume if you are thinking of the job market. As the Library is celebrating this week every visitor will be offered something delicious to drink and eat as they enter.

We all know that everything starts with language. An employee at the Kanaleneiland Library tells us that language is super important, otherwise people cannot participate fully in the Netherlands. We all recognise that without speaking the language it is for example difficult to find work or to apply for social benefits. Actually, everything starts with language.

Everyone is welcome, but it is important to spread the word. If you know someone who is having problems with reading or writing or who cannot handle computers very well or even needs help with money matters why not point them this way. The Doe Mee Starting Point are available every week.

Please contact The Utrecht Bibliotheek for questions regarding the content of this article on 030 – 286 1800.

Image credit: By Luctor [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
Source: De Bibliotheek Utrecht

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