Utrechter nominated for National Geographic photo competition

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An ex-Utrechter has been nominated for a photo competition of the National Geographic Netherlands.

Levi Gawi (24) concealed himself from the rain near Café de Kneus when the sunshine momentarily gleamed through the dense cloud clover. Curiously, he produced his smartphone – a Samsung Galaxy S4 – and took his best shot of the moment.

“It was coincidental that I was able to produce such a photograph with a telephone manufactured in 2013. I’ve got a professional camera at home, but it goes to show the best camera is the one you have handy at any given moment such as this one,” explained Levi during a telephone interview with UC.

Gawi spent most of his student life in Utrecht where he studied Communications and Media at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. When asked how he was able to produce such an award winning photo, he did admit, “I did some slight post-production to the photo; the lighting has been slightly adjusted, but the final product pretty much resembles the raw image.”

It was four year later when Gawi decided to send his photo to the National Geographic to take part in the competition. Last Tuesday, he was informed by the National Geographic that his photo had made it to the final 15 in the category ‘Landscape’.

Congratulations Levi! A breakthrough for a profession as a photographer in the future perhaps but a wonderful memory for keeps nonetheless.

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Sunshine through the rain at the Nobelstraat, Utrecht. A masterpiece taken with a Samsung Galaxy S4. Photo credit & copyright: Levi Gawi

What do you think of Levi’s photo? Is it worth first prize? You can vote help him win the competition by clicking on this link; but hurry, winners will be announced on the 15th of October!

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