Utrecht ranks 5th best city worldwide to ride a bicycle

Bicycles parked along one of the renowned canals of Utrecht
Bicycles parked along one of the renowned canals of Utrecht. Image by Andrew Virnuls from Pixabay

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Anyone living in Utrecht will tell you the absolute pleasure it is to ride a bike in some of the beautiful paths that the city has to offer, like the serene bike ride to De Haar Castle. And now, we have even more reason to be proud of our city!

ScanMovers.com, a comparison and booking website for moving companies, has compiled a list titled ‘The 100 Best Cities in the World to Ride a Bicycle’, taking into account all the factors that make riding and owning a bike easier in cities, such as the bike lane length, ease in renting and sharing bikes, government support and the like. It was conducted over a 6 week period and is the most comprehensible study on bicycle cities. And it puts Utrecht at the 5th position, which I am sure gives every Utrechter a sense of pride in the city!

ScanMovers have credited our website UtrechtCentral.com as being one of the sources for the research and nothing makes us happier than to be able to provide relevant data in any kind of research projects and we hope to provide more help in the future.

You can find details on the website’s page https://scanmovers.com/en/blog/the-100-best-cities-world-ride-bicycle where they have not only listed the 100 cities but have also provided a very generous description of each of the cities which stand in the top 10 positions.

ScanMovers is an ecologically conscious website which is dedicated to providing detailed information and making moving easier for the moving companies as well as the end user, thus smoothing the moving experience and all this with an eye on reducing the environmental impact of the move. Their services are currently available in Germany and Benelux.

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Yosha Pharshy

Yosha Pharshy

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