Summer Darkness festival to stop after 12 years

Over the past 12 years, Utrecht hosted the Summer Darkness festival, but the festival will not be taking place in 2015. “Our story has been told, and continuing this festival won’t bring us closer to our goals” so the organisation behind the festival says.

Summer Darkness is a famous annual event which started in 2003, and grew out to be an interdisciplinary dark underground lifestyle festival. Artists such as Within Temptation and Grendel made appearances at the event.

The organisation contradicts any assumptions about financial problems. Sytse Wils, one of the driving forces behind the festival, simply states that “the festival was aimed at a very small, specific group of people, which made it very repetitive over time. Last year, we felt like we did it one too many times.” However, the organisation hopes there will come a new group of enthusiastic people who will make Summer Darkness possible in the future.

Photo credit: Cees Willemse

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