Renovated roman ship becomes available for public viewing

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An old roman ship dating back to around 200 AD has been made available for public viewing after having undergone long-enduring restoration in De Meern.

The 25 meter ship, known as the Meern I, arrived Wednesday morning from Hengelo where it had been for over twelve years.

The ship is different compared to other roman ships found dating from that era. It is particularly smaller in size and has got an upwards stern for greater mobility. The ship was large enough to have its own cabin, kitchen, and sleeping quarters.

De Meern I was discovered by accident in 1997 during an excavation project but was only fully recovered from the earth in 2003. It has been maintained in a preservation basin by the Center for Cultural Heritage in Lelystad ever since.

De Meern I is to be permanently showcased at the Castellum Hoge Woerd museum which will become open to the public soon.

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