Piano opens to the public at Tivoli Vredenburg

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A particular piano, which once stood at the old location of the Tivoli Vredenburg, has been placed in the public hall of the new building from today onwards for artists to show off their musical talent and for visitors to enjoy the sound of this timeless instrument.

The Tivoli Vredenburg is a music venue with five concert halls and a total capacity of 7,900 people. It was officially opened in July 2014 (the first concerts took place in April 2014). TivoliVredenburg was built on the location of the demolished Muziekcentrum Vredenburg. The main hall of the old building has been integrated into the new building.

The piano will become publicly available from 16:45 to be exact. Special performances will be given beforehand by Willem Friede, keyboardist for the jazz band, ‘New Cool Collective’.

Everyone is welcome to come and watch the band and try out the piano after the show as far as Tivoli Vredenburg are concerned. The central hall is accessible from the main entrance of the cafe ‘De Gegeven Paard’.

Cafe 'De Gegeven Paard'

Cafe ‘De Gegeven Paard’

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