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This should actually be called Meet Raymond Landegent. He runs Maison Savant in Rotterdam.

We wrote about him a week or so ago when he won the Awesome Utrecht pitch to paint murals in our fair city of Utrecht along with partner in Mural, Maaike Kluft .

Raymond Landegent, who is 32 loves to work on creative and sustainable projects. three years ago he fell in love with what he calls “outsider art”, which is art made by artists with disabilities. Besides this he has a pretty awesome plant collection and a baby girl and girlfriend at home.
He is not a trained artist, he just make up plans and projects. He is an ideas man and has some pretty awesome ideas!
As he says, “I’m not doing the murals myself, I let other people paint…”
I don’t have favorite one, but if need to choose, the one shown below on the Lijnbaan, Rotterdam, because it’s on a very busy shopping street and the portrait came out very well.

Where do you plan to paint the Utrecht murals?

“We don’t know yet, we’re in touch with de Gemeente & SSH.”

Does Utrecht inspire you?

Yes, a lot. The city is very relaxed, cosy, vibrant and alive. Lots of nice shops and the city centre is just lovely to walk around.

Where is your most favourite place in Utrecht?

“Hmmm, good question. I think it’s around de Oude Gracht. Love the water and the people enjoying it by boat.”

I’m not sure if people in Utrecht are very particular about the fabric of the city, so I asked if there somewhere in the city that they would like to paint, but wont be allowed to?

“I don’t know yet where I can paint and where not, soo….”

I asked him why did you choose to work in Utrecht?

“Because I wanted to bring the Outsider Street Art Expo outside Rotterdam and a friend of mine lives in Utrecht and got enthusiastic about my idea and decided to help me to bring it to Utrecht. I had some entrances there. And besides this, I think Utrecht is a very social city, who would love to help me with my project.”

I asked if he was from the city, Raymond  replied, “No, I’m from Rotterdam.”

The artwork you see here is all from the streets or should I say walls, of Rotterdam, below is the Open Huis Keilewerf.

What do you say to people who think it is vandalism?

Simple, It’s art.

Is there such a thing as a Dutch mural specific to The Netherlands or is it a global thing that all can appreciate?

“I think it’s appreciated all over the world. Just go to instagram and search for #streetart.”

Open Huis Keilewerf in Rotterdam. Foto Bart Hoogveld

Do you have a particular style?

“Yessss, I only do murals with a social story, like now we’re bringing outsider art, outside. Outsider Art is art made by artists with disabilities. This art is so much more interesting and pure, I really love it. That’s why everybody needs to see it.”

Just in case Utrechters were worried, I asked  who would do the work, specialist painters or do you ask ordinary people to get involved.

Specialist painters of course. People who are familiar with spray paint.

So far they have had projects in Rotterdam and Utrecht, where next?

“Amsterdam possibly, or Heerlen. They have a pretty big street art project over there.

Finally I asked if he had the chance of any place in the world, where would he love to paint a mural?

I was surprised by his answer, but it would be:

Lausanne, Switzerland. Here I fell in love with outsider art, in the museum de l’art brût. It was fantastic.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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