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On Monday 11 February a.s. the new generation of performing artists will be on show at Het Huis Utrecht. From 09.30 to 17.00 hours the public can see young, promising performing artists. This fifth edition of the annual Makers Day, meant for mainly professionals, will be expanded this year with two evenings especially for the public.

Makers day: one day ten talents

From autobiographical documentary theater to uplifting urban dance and from mysterious visual theater to scenography installations, through three different routes, the audience sees new performances, work-in-progress and performance installations by, among others, Abhishek Thapar:

About My Home at the Intersection

Thapar invites you as an audience to travel with him to his past. The autobiographical story takes us through ethnic conflicts, parental dilemmas and the question: in case of social injustice, do you resist or try not to stand out?

The performance of Thapar has only ever been shown in the Netherlands at the Fringe Festival in Amsterdam.

Vincent Kouters wrote about it in de Volkskrant: “Using film, models and tastes, Thapar effortlessly draws his audience into a different world.”

“Thapar speaks with seeming nonchalance, generous and with a sense of humor, to maintain the mood or not to burden the children. The stories are highly engaging and make you feel like sitting at the table with his family and sharing in their intimate survival strategies of good stories and endless discussions about which costume the young Thapar will now wear as a terrorist. ” said Fransien van der Putt , Theaterkrant

Teddy’s Last Ride – Through the Valley

A Dance production

This is a dark fairy tale about four outcasts .

A sexy mix of dance, video projections, techno beats and live vocals.

Through the Valley is a dark fairy tale told in a frenzied combination of theater, dance and music. Four outcasts meet. Can these anti-heroes free themselves from the moral judgment that presses them? In a sensual mix of camp, kitsch and tight choreographies, the performers take you into their bizarre world.

Teddy’s Last Ride, founded in 2016, is one of the newest performing arts collectives out there. The creative core consists of four members with backgrounds in music, dance and theater.

They are:

Agnese from Italy who at the age of 19  came to the Netherlands to study at ArtEZ. Agnese is known for her radicality. She is the passion and urgency of Teddy’s Last Ride. In one verb, “do”.

Andy  from the United States  is known for his angelic voice. He is explosive and challenging. In one verb, “being”. At the age of 25 Andy  came to the Netherlands and studied at Codarts.

Manu another from Italy at the age of 21 Manu  came to the Netherlands to study at Codarts. Manu is known for his ability to look ahead and remain grounded. He is an accurate and dedicated architect. In one verb “dreams”.

Milan who is originally from Arnhem he studied at Fontys. Milan is known for its empathy, nobody is alone when he is there. In one verb, “connect”.

All their creative decisions taken together; every project is a collective effort. A new kind of family business . Depending on the production, the creative team invites four other family members to join their endless transformation process.

Noah Voelker

Will be presenting a lecture About  Who Wants to Meet a Real God Damn American?

Noah Voelker tries to understand what it means to be a true American. He thereby dismantles the prejudices we Europeans have, but also shows how managing a national or local culture can be in your development.

About Noah Voelker: He is a Texas born, Netherlands based theater maker. He worked in the areas of theater scholarship, storytelling directing, writing, acting, devised performance, sound design, and dramaturgical research. Before moving to Amsterdam, he was an Executive Director of the Aesthetic of Waste in San Antonio, Texas. His performance and theoretical research is concentrated in authenticity in performance, dialogues, storytelling, power dynamics in performance, as well as extensive research and practice on audience participation / collaboration. He received his BA in Theater as well as Economics from Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) and his MA in Theater from DASTheatre (Amsterdam, NL). He regularly collaborates with Ogutu Muraya (KE / NL), Pony Camp Kollective (NL), Shift Happens (NL), & TGSpace (NL).

Missa Homo Sacer

is a space, a mass, an exercise, a ritual. The ambiguous figure ‘homo sacer’ (both ‘holy man’ and ‘sinner’) is taken as the starting point: a man goes to confession and searches for words to grasp his sins. In seven poetic readings he builds up an argument that seems to be a plea for sin itself: what if sin is nothing more than an out of control attempt to enter life, an unforeseen quest for unity, connection, salvation and ecstasy? A five-part women’s choir and a cellist charge the no man’s land in which he finds himself to sacred space: in seven musical intermezzi they place a contemplative soil under the interspace. Together the performers search in and with each other for harmony – between head and body, word and deed, voice and sound, blame and penance.The Maker is Timo Tembuyser who was originally an architect: in 2014 he graduated from the master’s program in Architecture & Urban Design at Ghent University. In this five-year study period he did not work so much on actual civil designs, rather on theoretical constructs – in particular building a conceptual bridge between architecture, urban design, sociology and theater. This is how an ever growing interest in metropolitan processes and the ways in which we, errant people, do or do not interact with each other in today’s society. In the master thesis ‘ The city as a theater. An investigation into the heterotopia of the performative space ‘was questioned how the paradigm of the theater influence interpersonal contact in daily life (the theatricality of ‘the encounter’) and how the metropolis can at the same time enrich the theater practice when a public place functions as a theater stage, the monumentality of ‘space’.

The desire to put theoretical research into practice led him to the Netherlands: he graduated this year from the performance academy of the Maastricht Theater Academy and in recent years he also studied at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. As a performer, Timo likes to move from one form to the other in the fluid music theater landscape: from a choir concert to a movement performance, from a text performance to a sound installation. The essence of his mastership is as much a quest for different forms in which music is placed in a theatrical context. In each performance he makes a composition that tries to connect the capital world with the physical: the concept with the word, the word with the sound, the sound with the body, the body with the space.


During this, the fifth edition of the Makerdag on Monday 11 February 2019 (9.30 – 17.00) you will be able to see brand-new performances by 10 different makers. Some of whom are here:

Hendrik Kegels & Sonja van Ojen – Phantom Island

Phantom Island is an invitation to believe in what seems unlikely. In this surprising visual performance, space itself becomes the use of a plea for imagination.

Rhian Morris – Outside Within

In this sensory immersive experience you as a participant are encouraged to completely surrender to your senses. Morris challenges you as a participant to merge with the space by means of light, sound and materials.

Sam Bachy & Paul Schmidt – memorabilia


Memorabilia is an interactive installation in which participants work together. Building on each others input you build a personal story of objects.

Fractal collective – One blood

Urban dance

In this hypnotic performance, the urban-dance collective Fractal takes a look at exclusion and discrimination, and how submission mechanisms reproduce themselves over and over again.

Collective PRIME – Pure Prime


In a mechanical, even robotic choreography, three dancers investigate the loss of human intimacy in a time of digital communication.

Ivan Cheng – Finality’s an Ashtray

Music performance

Finality’s an Ashtray is a music performance as a car accident, a meditation on input and consumption. Cheng’s poetic language and the dark form he gives to his sound poem take you to a place that is somewhere between dream and reality.

Once again, the cultural scene in Utrecht is bursting at the seams. Get along to se one of these unique opportunities.

It keeps Utrecht alive!

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