Leon Keer connects mind and soul with first master work in Utrecht

Leon Keer painting in Utrecht © Twycer / www.twycer.nl
Leon Keer painting in Utrecht © Twycer / www.twycer.nl

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Leon Keer, one of the world’s best-known artists in 3D and anamorphic street art, created a new floor painting last week at city lab RAUM in Utrecht. The work, which is no less than 150 square meters in size, showcases his latest master piece titled ‘Sensibility and Sensitivity’, which illustrates a heart and brain that are connected to one another. Since its completion last Saturday, the work has attracted a lot of attention from pedestrians at the Berlin Square which is located located at Leidsche Rijn. See map below for exact location.

Setting his mark in his home town

In recent years, Leon Keer has created a number of master works by request in a number of locations in Europe, the United States, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, New Zealand, Australia and various countries in Asia. In his work, current topics emerge, such as climate change and the livability of this world. It is the first time in his career that he has created a paining in his home town Utrecht. Lean told, “It is special to realize a work in my own city. Now my own family and friends can also come and have a look. That is more difficult if you work on the other side of the world.”

Leon Keer painting in Utrecht © Twycer / www.twycer.nl
Leon Keer connects mind and soul with his new master piece in Utrecht © Twycer / www.twycer.nl

Street art with a message

When asked whether there is a meaning behind his new work, the artist said: “I mainly wanted to create something that radiates positivity. And in these difficult times there is a need for a balance between heart and mind.” The floor painting will not remain permanently, so make sure you go see it when you can.


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