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No matter if you are young or old, in Utrecht a man will always be called a ‘jochie’. This word was chosen to be the ultimate local word.

It was chosen between 25 words people submitted and set on a short list. Between the 16,000 voters, 38% chose ‘jochie’. It can be translated as ‘nice little guy’ and also used in situations in which you feel sympathy for someone. The feminine form ‘wijffie’ ended at the fifth position. The last two letters ‘ie’ gives the object in the noun a smaller dimension.

The organiser of the competition Rob Vermeulen isn’t originally from Utrecht, but he’s afraid that local dialects disappear because of the globalisation of the world. The local dialect ‘Het Utrechts’ can be heard in popular neighbourhoods like Ondiep, Wijk C or Sterrenwijk.

Image credit: Bartholomeus van der Helst [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Henk Oldenziel

Henk Oldenziel

Henk Oldenziel is a freelance journalist and tour guide. He was born in Delft and grew up in Switzerland. He came to Utrecht to study journalism (graduated in 2011) and feels like a fish in the water in the rustic, young and historic character of the Domstad. Versatile, he loves to tell old and new stories of the ''Domstad'' in four languages.

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