Festival Tweetakt comes to Utrecht

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Festival Tweetakt starts this Friday, with an extensive Language No Problem programme!

This Friday the 29th of March, Festival Tweetakt starts in Utrecht.

Festival Tweetakt s is an annual arts festival for everyone,. With theatre and dance performances, music performances, visual arts, interactive installations and games, and a bit of cabaret and stand-up comedy all performed by both young talents and experienced makers, from Utrecht, as well as from the Netherlands and Belgium, and far beyond. Importantly it is suitable for all ages.

The 17th edition of the festival takes places in two locations: in the city centre and on the fort.

Tweetakt in the city centre is from Friday 29 March to Sunday 14 April. Tweetakt on the fort is from Sunday 31 March to Sunday 16 June, on all Sundays and public holidays.

Non-Dutch speaking visitors can also enjoy Festival Tweetakt. Each year we programme a string of performances subtitled are Language No Problem. This means that understanding  Dutch  is not necessary for the understanding of any content of the performance. The Language No Problem-programme includes visual theatre, dance performances, the complete music programme and all of our visual arts installations, which can be accessed no matter what language you speak.

The following performances on Festival Tweetakt 2019 fall within the Language No Problem programme:

Assholism (15+) by Pink Flamingooo

(B) (12+) by Siamese Cie / Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero

BLACK OFF (14+) by Ntando Cele / Manaka Empowerment Productions


ChitChat (4+) by Maas theatre en dans / Tuning People

CRIA (14+) by Alice Ripoll / Suave

Detective Le Schmou (6+) by Kajetan Uranitsch

Die Welt in der wir leben (14+) by Kajetan Uranitsch / Tea Teearu / Katelijne Beukema

Ein Stück Teilen (5+) by Kompanie Freispiel

GRRRRROENTEN II (3+) by een RAKET- productie

Hallo familie (8+) by Maas theater en dans

Le Petit Cirque (8+) by Laurent Bigot

Muziek van Beneden (5+) by Het Houten Huis

nesten (4+) by fABULEUS / Anna Bentivegna, Zoë Demoustier & Ayrton Fraenk

Plock! (4+) by grensgeval

Paradise Now! (1968 – 2018) (14+) by Michiel Vandevelde / fABULEUS

Park Katrol (6+) by KOPERGIETERY


Rita (8+) by Tuning People en BRONKS

Rushing Faces (12+) by DOX


The Bitchboy Project (15+) by Lars Brinkman

tu’tu (4+) by Theater Stap

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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