Cultural Sundays return to Utrecht

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It seems that the opportunity to experience cultural events never ends in Utrecht and it is important that you all take advantage of what is on offer in the New Year.

During the 16th edition of the New Year’s Dive, there will be many Utrecht cultural initiatives in the city with a versatile programme at over forty different locations.

You will be able to immerse yourself in a mix of previews, lectures, presentations, workshops, exhibitions and performances. You can get inspired by the offer and visit locations, makers and organizations. The main theme in the programme this year is Young Utrecht makers, who are of great value to the city. New talent from, among others, ROC Midden Nederland and Hogeschool voor de Kunsten will take the stage and show the city what they are all about.


Here for example, you will see Café Theater Festival bringing a theatrical audio fairy tale to the audience whilst students from HKU  Theater in Education play the children’s performance Sammie and Opa and De Belofte 14 presents themselves in Kunstliefde.

Young Utrecht makers, who are a great credit to the city, are also provide the main theme in the programme this year. New talent from, among others, ROC Midden Nederland and Hogeschool voor de Kunsten will take the stage. You will be able to see young musicians play in the caravans of collective artist Pet van de Luijtgaarden at the Janskerkhof, or get acquainted with eleven recently graduated artists in Kunstliefde and in an exciting evening at TivolIVredenburg the Dutch Pop Academy presents new talented acts.


The New Year’s dive will be closed with a huge dose of energy this year during the All Style Urban Dance Battle of Freedom City. Eight urban freestylers will be competing against each other in different dance styles, urged on by a DJ and host. A jury, consisting of well-known freestyle dancers, will assesse the participants and also gives a demonstration. Finally, the spectacular final will take place and the winner of the battle will be announced.

During the warm-up everyone is welcome onto the dance floor so you can all bring your own moves too!

The jury at the event will consist of: b-boy Liam ‘Kilt’ McCall, krumper Jordy 370 and waacker Sarada Sarita.


The caravans of Tour d’Artistique will present Poetry, music, stories and cosiness, The caravans leave winter storage for one day and will settle at the Janskerkhof. There you will also find Gat in the Market; the market with social and sustainable entrepreneurs.


Is there a maker in you too? During the New Year’s dive, there is not only a lot of beauty to see. You can also get started! How about a writing course, a portrait photography workshop or a crash course on radio making? Check the website for all workshops.


There is also plenty to do for children and young people during New Year’s dive. For example, there are dance workshops at Danscentrum Utrecht, the Bezwaren Fanfare descends on the Cereol factory and Lot Lohr, known from Sesame Street, reads from the picture book of the year.


Join us on an adventure with different tours. The artists of De Nijverheid will be opening the doors of their studios. The Dom Church will be giving a taste of what will be happening next year and in the Museum Catharijneconvent they wonder what is the power of relics?

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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