Classic Painting comes home to Utrecht

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In wonderful news for Art Lovers, the Central Museum of Utrecht has added ‘The surrender of the city’ to its collections

With financial support from the Mondriaan Fund and KF Heinfonds, the Central Museum Utrecht has acquired ‘The surrender of the city of Utrecht on 30 June 1672’. By painter and tapestry designer Lambert De Hondt II which was created nearly 350 years ago.

According to the Christies web site the painting was sold for over 107,000 Euros.

Intriguingly, it is the only painting in the Netherlands that shows the surrender of Utrecht in that period.

Central Museums artistic director Bart Rutten tells us that this work is an important piece of Utrecht’s city history as it shows the exact moment when the city council handed over the keys to the city to French king Louis XIV in 1672. Incredibly, the Central Museum did not have a single piece of work about this critical moment in Utrecht’s history.

Apparently, as Conservator René de Kam: reported there is only one other painting on which this surrender of the city is shown and that hangs in Versailles.

‘The surrender of the city of Utrecht on June 30, 1672’ will soon be seen in the Central Museum.

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