A short story from the book market at the Vredenburg

I walked along the Vredenburg to check out the book market this morning. I was pleased to see all kinds of literature in both Dutch and English on display to a diverse public of locals and internationals.

Some books I picked up myself to name a few: ‘Chess for dummies’, ‘A collection of poems by Aristotle’ and a single edition of ‘Biggles’ out of an entire series of books based on the fictional pilot and adventurer Biggles himself. I didn’t actually buy the books.

I also managed to get my hands on a few vintage map drawings of the known world as it were back in the old days. Just copies perhaps, but wonderful classic items to feature on any wall nonetheless. These too were placed back into the box where I grabbed them from; I was there for a photo shoot although if I had seen a good chess book, my home collection would have increased by one.

It’s such a gratifying feeling to know that some things simply wouldn’t be as delightful if they were easily available in a virtual setting. Long live literature and intellectualism and those who believe in the cause.

I share with you some photography of the market as it were:


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  1. Jon Wilkins says:

    Looks like the perfect way to spend a weekend!

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