A Spanish woman in Utrecht

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I had the pleasure of speaking with Rosa from Barcelona. She works as a Financial Controller in Utrecht and unsurprisingly she loves travelling. She feels that the combination of Spain and The Netherlands has changed her life allowing her to become a different person and better person. Now, interested and worry about the climate change and our environment.

I asked Rosa, what brought you to Utrecht?

“I came to The Netherlands by chance. After enjoying the experience of an English course in Canada for one month, I decided to try to live in another European country to continue improving my English and to live a new adventure. I had in mind Dublin in Ireland, but finally I found a job in Finance close to Utrecht, so I always say that Utrecht chose me.”

Where is your favourite place in Utrecht?

“I have many cute corners, but all of the Singelloop, I love to walk here. But please, let me add the Wilhelmina neighbourhood, Rhijnauwen and Kasteel de Haar.”

Getting down to basics I wondered what was the main difference between the Spanish and the Dutch?

Mona feels the Spanish are spontaneous and temperamental, whilst the Dutch people are much more quiet, pragmatic and less emotional.

Do you miss anything about Spain?

“I miss being close to my family, apart from this, the breakfast in a bar with a little sandwich and a croissant!”

Do you think there is a Dutch way of life?

“I think so, they like nature and  sports, there enjoy a high quality of life and they also know how to enjoy their leisure time, going for dinner or even staying at home alone. They are quite open minded and like to meet other internationals.”

Do you know many expats in Utrecht or do you make friends with the Dutch?

The first years I was more dedicated to making a social life and most of my friends were other expats, but now with my Dutch partner I have a small group of good friends.

Do you think you fit in to the Dutch way of life?

“Yes, I like it here. Now I couldn’t live in a big city anymore, I need to be close to nature and at the same time to feel an international atmosphere.”

So, Utrecht is just perfect for that!

Mona has a really fascinating blog called lekkerholanda and a linked Twitter feed @Lekkerholanda

On these she looks at Utrecht through a Spaniards eyes.

I asked Why did you start your blog?

“I wanted to explain how it works here for the new Spanish that were coming to Utrecht to live and work, but also there are posts for those who want to visit the country on holidays. It is a way to help and to show what I see.”

Will you be staying in the Netherlands?

“I think so, at least, during my working life.”

Mona feels she is lucky that she discovered Utrecht, but she does hope that the city is not going to grow much more.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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