Utrecht: Is this the year of guitar masters or what?

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An impressive lineup of guitar masters will be making their way to Utrecht this summer with names like Jeff Beck, Ben Harper, Joe Satriani and the legend Steve Vai.

Ben Harper is best known for his acts with Jack Johnson and John Mayer and will be playing at Tivoli Vredenburg on the 2nd of May.

Steve Vai showed his true colors with Frank Zappa and his band towards the end of their formation in 1990. Vai will be hosting a Masterclass at the Tivoli Vredenburg on the 10th of May.

English rock legend of the sixties, Jeff Beck, performs on the 25th of May. Jeff is known for his performances with The Yardbirds having succeeded Eric Clapton as lead guitarist.

On the 15th of June, we get Joe Satriani, who is the grand master behind the sound of Vai; Satriani was Steve Vai’s guitar instructor during the initial phases of his career. Satriani was of course also lead guitarist of Deep Purple and has also worked with Mick Jagger during his solo period.

So for all you electric fanatics, you now know where to be this summer if you are in the Netherlands; Tivoli, the temple of rock.

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