Treatment found to be effective for treating Coronavirus

Just found out through a friend on Facebook that Chinese officials can confirm that Japanese officials have found an antiviral drug to be effective in treating the coronavirus in its early stages. Now that’s a lot of officials! This news comes undoubtedly as a new hope for groups and individuals who feel they are being overwhelmed with hopelessness in line with recent events around the coronavirus.

The drug is called Favipiravir, which was originally created by a subsidiary firm of Fujifilm, was initially intended as a treatment for the flu. The drug is believed to work by selectively locating and disrupting the DNA strands present in active coronavirus cells making them virtually unable to carry out their mission of chaos in human lungs.

Studies carried out by a number of medical authorities in China have resulted in a number of positive scenarios. Those administered the drug tested negative for the virus four days later on average. Additionally, in approximately 91 percent of patients who received Favipiravir, X-rays indicated positive changes in patients lungs compared to those who did not receive the drug.

Zhang Xinmin, a spokesperson at China’s science and technology ministry confirmed that the drug has a high degree of safety and is clearly effective in treatment.

Well there you have it, in this closely connected world, the solutions are surfacing faster than we could imagine. What a great age to live in! Is there any WiFi here? ?

My new Thai friend on Facebook and The Guardian and Wikipedia.


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