Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the talented Mrs. Olga Efremov

Last updated by is honored to welcome Olga Efremov; a new and valuable addition to our team. Her background as an entrepreneur and academically creative writer in the English language will undoubtedly serve as an asset to our cause.

Olga Efremov was born in the Russian city of Novosibirsk in the heart of Siberia. She got a degree in Linguistics from the Siberian Independent University and in 2000 she came to London to study for her MBA. After a few years of working as a management consultant around Europe, she settled with her family in Utrecht to pursue her life-long ambition of becoming a writer.

The release of her latest sciencefiction novel, ‘Harvie: The Commander’s Daughter‘, is bound to take you on mesmerizing futuristic journeys comparable to magnificent works such as Bladerunner. A review will be published shortly for your viewing pleasure.

Olga is a devoted Utrechter, passionate about the city and its people. Her two children were born in Utrecht, and she is committed to make the city the best possible place to grow, study, live and work.

Olga will be supporting UC with content such as news, events, blogposts and much more. She will also be joining us as a journalist at various events in around the city and perhaps one day abroad.

Thank you Olga for your belief in our media platform for the wonderful city of Utrecht. We will do our best to support you in your journey as an academic writer and through whichever means necessary to ensure prolonged success throughout your career.

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