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It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to the latest member of our enthusiastic team of aspiring content specialists, Claire.

Claire has just entered her second year of studies at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and is doing the same study as I once did, International Communication & Media; what a coincidence. She is interested in pursuing a career related to content production, marketing and management which is why I feel she is a good fit for

Claire will be helping us initially with creative content. Although she is quite new to the field, we will be assisting her with producing inventive content that is interesting to read for our public. We will assist her with her English language skills in the process; she is really eager to learn. When I asked her what she thinks of, she felt that the site lacked sufficient content aimed towards international students. We are open to her suggestions with regards to this.

Claire is a sporty spice as well; she enjoys swimming, football and badminton. Keep it up, stay fit and forever young!

Claire is part of the Vietnamese student association in the Netherlands where she has the possibility to associate with people from her home country. I suggest any foreigner who just arrived to the Netherlands to also become part of such organisations but to also make Dutch friends on the way. Learn a bit of the language and mingle with the locals.

Claire’s biggest dream is to open a restaurant in the future. She loves the concept of managing a diner and making her guests feel at ease at the dinner table. I agree with her; nothing is more satisfying in my opinion than growing a business into something successful, and most of all, keeping your customers happy. But just as is the case with, a lot of hard work is required before one can reach great peaks.

We will continue supporting Claire in her ambitions to become a better communications specialist. It goes without saying that we will do our best to aid her in any way possible with regards to her career or plans she has within the city of Utrecht and beyond. Claire, welcome to the team!

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