Are Ziggo hotspot wireless zones really hackable? Maybe.

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Ziggo, the largest cable operator in the Netherlands providing television, broadband Internet, and telephone services to both residential and commercial customers recently welcomed hackers to try and exploit their public wireless zones.

The cable operator took the initiative to reassure customers about the security of their Wi-Fi hotspots; impenetrable as corporately claimed. It was argued by the general public that the campaign was a stunt to put their brand in the spotlight in an effort to strengthen corporate image.

Ziggo claims to currently have around 1,2 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the Netherlands which are publicly accessible to all paying customers. They did not mention whether these spots were actually operational.

To gain access, customers with an internet subscription simply make a separate account within their main account. Once created, special login details are provided to allow access to the hotspots.

Although Ziggo claims the networks are unhackable, we at UC have found someone who may have “knacked den code”. Don’t waste your money with an internet subscription but invest a good 10 euro; catch the waves of your neighbour or whoever und enjoy free internet liebenlang (uder until you get caught). You could not ask for more right? Just contact the guy at this page.

Disclaimer: and its associates have no association with the person or his/her activities as provided in the url above. We will accept no responsibility for any mishaps which may occur following the actions you take after accessing the url above. Access at your own risk.

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