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Bopita Baby Box
€40 - 3553 EL

Bopita Baby Box. As good as new
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Grey couch
FREE - Utrecht (stad)

Hi, if anyone is interested in a couch, let me know! For any good offer you can pick it up before Nov 2.

Small stain at the left side.
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Cool book " Earth: portrait of a planet"
€40 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi everybody, I have a cool new book for geology-lovers: " Earth: portrait of a planet". It is all about earth, from its formation, history of earth to the surface, inside of earth, earth materials, continent drift, spreading sea, plate tectonics, etc. More than 800 pages; very interesting. Pm if interested, negotiable.
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R30 - Utrecht
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Cognitive Science Experiment
€30 - Utrecht University

We are looking for motivated individuals who would like to participate in scientific experiments.

I am a researcher at Utrecht University, working in the field of perception, cognition, eye-movements and visual memory.

The experiments are entirely without risk: your task will be to observe visual events on a screen and respond on a keyboard while your eye movements are being recorded.

There are different experiments: one takes 45min and you receive 5EUR, the other takes 2 hours and you receive EUR15. As a bonus you will train and improve your visual working memory. There is the possibility to participate in more experiments in the future.

Results obtained from this experiment contribute to our fundamental understanding of the human brain and be published in scientific journals. All your data will be treated entirely anynomously.

- age 18-38
- no colorblindness or other visual impairments (INCLUDING glasses/contact lenses)
- no diagnosis of psychiatric illness (e.g. epilepsy, ADHD)
- being able to concentrate on a task for one to two hours

Sign up now by sending me a pm and we can schedule a time&date. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Bike lock
$5 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Bike lock for sale
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