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❤️💛💚 ALAAF!!! ❤️💛💚Also in 2018 the friendly gang of Couchsurfers will celebrate CARNIVAL in Maastricht and Aachen! The biggest yearly CS event in the area is back: 8-14 February!

CS Carnival in Maastricht-Aachen 2018!
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CS Carnival in Maastricht-Aachen 2018!

February 8, 2018, 6:00pm - February 14, 2018, 2:00pm

ALAAF!!! Also in 2018 the friendly gang of Couchsurfers will celebrate CARNIVAL in MAASTRICHT REGION! This event on CS This event on BW C o m p l e t e . P r o g r a m ! M a p . w i t h . a l l . m e e t i n g . p o i n t s! 8 till 14 February 2018! ~ ~ ~ As every year, at the end of the Mardi Grass Season, many Couch Surfers will gather to enjoy several parades, drink good beer and eat good food, and to make an intense party at Carnaval in and around MAASTRICHT! ~ ~ ~ V a s t e l a o v e n d Vastelaovend is the official name of this festival. Tourists and people from Brabant are allowed to call the festival Carnaval. Limburgish is the language spoken and sung during vastelaovend. ~ ~ ~ M a a s t r i c h t . C a r n a v a l . A n t h e m . 2 0 1 8 "Gewoen e Vastelaovendsleedsje" (Simply a Carnival Song) C S . C a r n a v a l . M a a s t r i c h t . I m p r e s s i o n . 2 0 1 7 video by Marc ter Braak ("We're gonna make Carnival great again!") ~ ~ ~ C o u c h e s . i n . M a a s t r i c h t --> it's NOT too early to look for a host! 🙂 - Frank : Can host 10 people (4 km from center) Staying with Frank you celebrate Carnaval from the morning till the last bus goes home! Also it's the "venue" for the pre-Carnival party on Friday 9 February. - Others: see the event members, check the CS event page for that! ~ ~ ~ T o p . t i p s Stay on Monday and Tuesday (and allow yourself rest on Wednesday)!! Feel the emotions of Tuesday eve, when the clock ticks down until midnight, when the Mooswief comes down, and everything, every-thing is over! On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday a crazy disguise is necessary. On Saturday disguise is also good! ~ ~ ~ C o n t a c t Phone / SMS !! Frank +31 6 214 888 56 – phone – SMS – NO WhattsApp – NO mobile FB Marc +31 6 524 434 90 – phone – SMS – WhattsApp – mobile FB ~ ~ ~ AUW WIEVERBAL FAT THURSDAY 8 February VALKENBURG Grandmother's Ball in Valkenburg is a Very Crowded Carnaval festival with the best Carnaval artists of the region! “NO MORE DUTIES TILL CARNAVAL” FRIDAY 9 February MAASTRICHT Dinner and pre-Carnaval party at Frank's flat in De Heeg quarter Maastricht “LAST DAY BEFORE CARNAVAL” SATURDAY 10 February MAASTRICHT Arrival of Prince of Carnaval of Maastricht Crazy Couch Carnaval City Hike Carnaval Dinner @ Lezzet Grill Saturday Crazy Couch Carnaval Crawl 1st day of CARNAVAL 2018 SUNDAY 11 February MAASTRICHT * * costume theme: "Vastelaovend!" * * Official opening ceremony Crazy Couch Carnaval City Hike Main Carnaval Parade Carnaval Dinner @ Amigo Sunday Crazy Couch Carnaval Crawl 2nd day of CARNAVAL 2018 MONDAY 12 February AACHEN Main Carnival Parade AACHEN Monday Crazy Couch Carnaval Crawl MAASTRICHT Monday Crazy Couch Carnaval Crawl 3rd day of CARNAVAL 2018 TUESDAY 13 February MAASTRICHT Get together at café and one hour walk to SMEERMAAS (B) Carnival parade and indoor Carnival celebration MAASTRICHT Tuesday Crazy Couch Carnaval Crawl MAASTRICHT Official closing ceremony ASHWEDNESDAY 14 February GULPEN Subtropical Swimming Paradise. Swim, Sauna, Bath. To refresh, to chill out and to detox!

❤️💛💚 Sunday 14 January the Carnival Prince of Maastricht 2018 will be reveiled, for an audience of thousands of people, on the Markt square. If you really have nothing better to do... 😉 we welcome you in our CS - CouchSurfing group! ❤️💛💚

CS Revelation of the Prince 2018!
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CS Revelation of the Prince 2018!

January 13, 2018, 6:00pm - January 14, 2018, 4:11pm

Who - oh - who - will be our Prince during Carnaval !? This event on CS This event on BW Saturday from 18 PM: “HOME PARTY!” Sunday afternoon in Maastricht: “REVELATION OF THE PRINCE 2018!” ~~ Saturday Welcome at Frank’s place, in De Heeg quarter in MAASTRICHT! The address will be mailed to meeting members! We’ll prepare a good and rich vegetarian mushroom / vegetable soup, going along with a tasty beer from Limburg, coffee, tea or other drinks. Later on we’ll spend the evening with a nice chat and party! Everyone is welcome! At night you can be hosted at Frank’s place. ~~ Sunday This is the fourth Sunday before the start of Carnaval. Traditionally, in front of the city hall at the Markt square in Maastricht, for an audience of thousands of people, the main Carnaval association in Maastricht “De Tempeleers” publicly reveils the new Carnaval Prince. We are meeting at 13 PM in front of the Irish Pub "John Mullins”, which is located in Wyckerbrugstraat 50, close to the old bridge (Wyck side), about 500 metres from the train station. At 13.30 we will go into the center to enjoy the Carnavally atmosphere. All the thirty Carnaval drumbands of Maastricht march in shape of a parade through town!!! We’ll walk to the Markt square to see the "Revelation of the Prince" ritual among thousands of people. Thereafter we’d like to spend a few great hours in the local bars and have a few beers (bars have mainly Carnaval music and it’s busy in town). Video of the Revelation in 2011+5; We do not know who will be our Carnival prince YET - the best kept secret of Maastricht and the countdown has started! - but we know his anthem: "Gewoen e Vastelaovendsleedsje" (Simply a Carnival song) performed by Jelke (15), Niek (20) and Marvin (22). Hear and sing along! You can always contact me by good old SMS or call me on +31621488856. Anyone who would like to Couchsurf after the revelation is welcome at my place. Confirmed couchsurfers (Sat night): Ulf Grit Marcel Marie-Aimée Michel Reiner Frank (of course) Despite everything, Friso surfs elsewhere... 😉 Travel info. For those from the entire Randstad and Brabant: for 7 euro "NS groepsretour" traintickets this is a really great FB-group!!! Cheers! Frank.

The biggest CS event in the Netherlands is back!

From 23 to 26 november we organize for the 12th year CSinterklaas in Rotterdam!

Fb: CSinterklaas 2017 ***12th edition***

Buy your tickets online!
Only €7,50 for 2 parties!

Hope to see you!
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CSinterklaas 2017 ***12th edition***

November 23, 2017, 8:00am - November 26, 2017, 1:00pm

The biggest CS event in the Netherlands is back! From 23 to 26 november we organize for the 12th year CSinterklaas. CS: Buy your tickets online at Cheers Shar, Josine, Maaike, Oscar, Arie and Marga

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Utrecht CS Monthly Meeting

October 13, 2017, 7:30pm - October 13, 2017, 5:30pm

Every second Friday of the month it's time for our traditional and cosy monthly meeting! Do you feel like meeting other couchsurfers in Utrecht? Well, then the monthly meeting is the place to go! It is a good place for all of us to exchange experiences, share stories, get tips for travelling and simply have a great time. Signing up for the meeting gives us an idea of the number of people coming and it is handy for you to keep track of people you talked to at the meeting.

Why does it always have to be hard for Africans to travel? Feel free to comment and share. Am making this video based on true events and my travel experiences. Anybody in the travel industry or international politics, this is a topic that could be addressed through your projects.

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