Dagboek van een leeg bed (مذكرات السرير الفارغ) by Mokhallad Rasem

When: Wednesday 22 January 2020
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

For twenty years, Mokhallad Rasem has built up a collection of personal notes on a daily basis, jotting down images that appear to him in his dreams, memories that rise to the surface and impressions that strike his fancy from the world around him – during the wars in Iraq, but also while making his way to Belgium as an asylum-seeker and later as a theatre maker.

In his native language, Arabic, Mokhallad Rasem expresses deep thoughts and intense emotions, then comes up with tranquil observations and surprising fantasies. Dagboek van een leeg bed (Diary of an Empty Bed)is a poetic invitation to think about the passage of time, about distance and intimacy, about having to say farewell and start all over again.

تدور احداث المسرحية حول شخص يكتب الذكريات،الأحلام،الخيال.

This performance contains Dutch and English surtitles.

العرض في اللغة العربية

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Theater Kikker

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