Real Axe Throwing Utrecht

Real Axe Throwing Utrecht

Axe Throwing Utrecht. Photo by William Matte from Pexels.
Axe Throwing Utrecht. Photo by William Matte from Pexels.

When: Wednesday 16 September 2020
9:45 am - 11:30 pm

Hitting a bullseye with a dart feels pretty good; now imagine how good it feels with an axe! It seems axe-cessive, but hurling an axe over your shoulder and watching it fly end over end before biting into a target releases some primordial dopamine.

An Axepert will give you a safety briefing and axe-plain how it’s done, then it’s time to step into your throwing cage to have at it. Get ready to axe-terminate the competition, and if you hit a bullseye, don’t let anyone know it was an axe-ident.

  • Axe throwing is the thrill your life’s been lacking – get a hit of adrenaline as your hatchet hits home
  • Give your body a workout as you heave axes overhead and throw them toward your target – you’ll leave feeling axe-asperated
  • Enjoy some competition and see which of your friends has the most skill during this axe-plosive session of fun

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Where is this event taking place?
The Team Building

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