Nederlands Film Festival

Netherlands Film Festival - Screening 48HFP
20150930 - Utrecht - Foto: Ramon Mangold - NFF/ Nederlands Film Festival 2015 - Goed gevulde zaal bijde screening van de resulaten van het 48HFP 2015 Utrecht in de Rembrandt bioscoop.

When: Friday 20 September 2024
10:00 am - 10:00 pm

The Nederlands Film Festival is a film festival that has taken place in Utrecht every year since 1981. The Nederlands Film Festival shows a diverse film offering including: short and long films, art-house and mainstream movies, feature films, documentaries and animations. In addition to film, the Nederlands Film Festival focuses on the other two main festival pillars namely Television and Interactive. Television covers all selected television productions, including documentaries and drama series made specifically for television. Interactive includes all projects in the field of interactive storytelling and games.

The Nederlands Film Festival showcases hundreds of film shows, as well as discussions, master classes, private conferences and events for young and old. The Nederlands Film Festival program is for the general public as well as for professionals, motivating talent and students.

The Nederlands Film Festival is awards the best projects in the professional disciplines with the Golden Calves: the national prizes of the Dutch film.

T: 030 – 2303800

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The Nederlands Film Festival

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