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A must-see movie: Tenet

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The end of the world could happen, the third world war is a thread. The world’s faith is in the hands of one secret agent who has to figure it all out. He does not have all the time in the world. He is in a maze in between present, past, and future.

Imagine this: a life in which we can travel through time. We could see ourselves in the future knowing exactly what we would do. Or even going back to an event in a series of actions we regret doing and we could actually go back and change what happened.

Back to the cinemas

It is so exciting that we are back to the cinemas again! Forget about all the Romance or comedy. The most epic movie you definitely should see before it is too late is Tenet! It is highly recommended to see it in Imax to make sure you feel all the excitement, to be part of every single move made. Tenet is a thriller which keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way till the end. It has the most epic actors like Robert Pattinson (known for his role in the famous Twilight), Elizabeth Debicki (known for her role in The Great Gatbsy), and John David Washington (known for his role Malcolm x with Denzel Washington, his father). Will he save the world with his save weapon called “Tenet” or will the world end to one man who wants to end it for all?

Faiza Taha Yasin
Faiza Taha Yasin
My name is Faiza Taha Yasin. Born in Cairo raised in the Netherlands. I am a content creator, marketing strategist and blogger (aspiring novelist). Other than all of the above, I am also a free-lance English teacher, instructor and trainer. I very much love art, culture, history and a meaningful conversation. Curiosity is one of the words I am known for. I always love to go on adventurous, eye opening trips exploring the world through my eyes. I like to see it from different perspectives


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