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This winter Utrecht residents can tap into hidden treasures in their own houses

Last updated 4 months ago by Michael Darmanin

Hidden treasure in your own house?

This winter residents of Utrecht stand a very good chance of discovering riches in their homes. That too without using any shovel, pick-axe, metal-detector, treasure map or secret cipher.

Simply by clicking a few keys they can tap into the money to be found in the nooks and corners of their own houses. And what is more, it can add to their comfort and also contribute towards the environment.

Insulation grants

Grants for insulation are a matter that not everyone is aware of.  

As winter sets in, heating becomes a major necessity. Unfortunately, simply increasing the temperature in the house can be very pricey.
However, with insulation one can save considerably on the amounts of one’s heating costs. But, many people do not know much about these sort of grants and the policies around them.

By insulating parts of the house, it is actually possible to save up to 3000 euros per year. This is possible with the schemes made available through attractive government subsidies until the end of this year. By logging into certain websites such as the forthcoming isolatietabel.nl one can find out means and ways to save money in his own house literally at the click of a button.

If the wall cavity, for instance, is not insulated in a house, it will immediately lead to a substantial amount of subsidies. For the ones living in houses with uninsulated roofs, a heated attic will lead to subsidies of €650 per year or more.

If one logs into some websites, a clear overview of the possible subsidies can be found. This is due to the initiative of certain energy companies like ENGIE who are in the process of putting up illustrative pictures of typical houses, marking possible savings in the different sections of the houses as speech bubbles.

For instance check out the Engie Energy website:  https://www.engie-energie.nl/energieproducten/isolatie-met-subsidie/

The actual savings, however, will also be dependant on the amount of heating used.

Good for the environment, comfort and also for the pocket. Everyone comes out the winner and warmer.

Arunabha Sengupta
Arunabha Sengupta
Arun is a freelance writer, sports correspondent, statistician and a tour guide. He has lived in The Netherlands for the last 12 years and is in love with the country. He is especially fascinated by the way the country combines fascinating history with modern liberalism, the busy touristic hub with the quaint peaceful countryside.


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