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The joy of work during COVID-19

Last updated 5 months ago by Michael Darmanin

Working from home due to COVID-19 became the new reality and for some people a frustration. Normally you would leave the house to go to your office. Now it is just the other way around. Meetings became challenging due to the youngest ones within the family. How do you deal with these challenges? How does your home office look like?

The Joy of work

According to Bruce Daisley there are 30 ways to fall in love with your job again. The first thing to address is your work environment. Now your home became your office, it’s become even more necessary to have a neat desk. Even though it is so easy to just put all your personal belongings in the drawers of your desk, it is advised to keep them elsewhere (somewhere far from your workplace). Distractions keeping you from performing at your best, are always a hot topic when we talk about work. How does your work routine look like? Do you make coffee and breakfast before heading to your desk? Or do you just start while having your coffee? At times we find having a long breakfast before getting down to business a distraction. You could actually use this extended breakfast as the monk mode morning. Starting your workday by doing something that awakens your brain rather than focusing on the piled up work emails. You would definitely feel the difference in how your day goes. So no looking at your work email, just one hour of you taking care of yourself first. Evaluate your work after your first week of monk mode mornings. You will find epic results.

Walk through your meetings

At times we get stuck. We run out of ideas and inspiration. The perfect solution to this issue is to walk. Obviously preferable in nature as it has a huge impact on one’s brain, but in general a good walk is always a good idea. Do you have an online meeting? Even better! Suggest the idea of having the meeting while everyone walks. For more insight on the 30 ways to fall in love with your job, it is highly recommended to get yourself a copy of the book. Happy walking everyone!

Faiza Taha Yasin
Faiza Taha Yasin
My name is Faiza Taha Yasin. Born in Cairo raised in the Netherlands. I am a content creator, marketing strategist and blogger (aspiring novelist). Other than all of the above, I am also a free-lance English teacher, instructor and trainer. I very much love art, culture, history and a meaningful conversation. Curiosity is one of the words I am known for. I always love to go on adventurous, eye opening trips exploring the world through my eyes. I like to see it from different perspectives



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