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Resolutions are passé; Focus on daily goals

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At the beginning of a new year, we resolve to do so many things, hitting the gym, new trips, save money, enjoy life, healthy eating, form new hobbies and the list goes on. But tell me, how many of us stick to the plan. Ultimately, with too much stuff on your plate, you are unable to pay attention to any of them let alone enjoy it. After prolonged procrastination, we all go through the endless loop of From Tomorrow. However, we all are lingering for personal growth and progress. For that, be consistent with your tasks and routine. Set Daily Goals! Focus on habits that in turn will form into rituals; without which your day seems to be incomplete.

Better Habits = Better Results

Take a step back and breathe. ‘Have a meaningful day.’ Man conquers the world by conquering himself. It might sound basic. Yet, these tiny little things matter the most. Give your resolutions a Pass and transform into new YOU. Get into action for your daily goals step by step. Soon, the most challenging tasks will be in motion.

Introducing Simple, Quick, Easy, and Proven Hacks to Improvise Daily with Guaranteed Results:

Maintain a Gratitude Journal

Today I am Grateful book
A great morning ritual to follow. Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on UnSplash.com

Start your day with AFFIRMATION. Count your blessings. It is the most effective way to begin your day with. You are bestowed with many things to be grateful about. Little things that fill your life with abundant happiness. It can be anything from your basic needs to how much you are loved or cared about by people around you. Practice: I AM GRATEFUL. Similarly, you can have a SELF-ESTEEM Journal. At the end of the day, jot down what you felt good about, what you achieved, and what things you need to work upon. With these, you will be benefitted with:

  • In a matter of time, it will become your SUPER-POWER. Needless to say, “A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”
  • You will get some time with yourself for self-analysis.

Daily Short Term Goals

  • ASK yourself what is lacking and find a way to give it to yourself. This will help you better leverage your capabilities.
  • Now, break your long term goals & dreams into small chunks.
  • Create a Daily Planner or Checklist.
  • Tick off each activity you finish. So satisfying, isn’t it?
  • Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound). What gets measured gets done! For instance, I will walk for 10 minutes after dinner or I will spare 15 minutes/day for learning a new language. Short, still achievable, and not tiring.

It will assist:

  • You to remain focused throughout the day.
  • To provide a broader outlook and define the trajectory towards your goals.
  • You do realize that you are stepping an inch closer towards your achievement daily.
Daily Goals
Plan your Goals, Find Ways to Achieve them and Chunk them into your daily tasks. Photo by Estée Janssens on UnSplash.com

Get Creative

Many of us don’t get the time to devote time for our hobbies. Something we love to do or rather develop a new one! To fuel up your creativity:

  • Start adding new activities like your daily chore. Give just 10 minutes daily. Soon it will become a habit. This technique is optimum for those who are planning to take a new online course.
  • The second-best alternative is dedicated specific time and particular day of the week for that.
  • Another important thing is don’t do it for the sake of doing and all at once. It doesn’t work that way. It should be liberating; not exhausting.
  • Make Hygge a part of your everyday curriculum. Cultivate Hygge Hobbies. I am mentioning a few of them:
    • Calligraphy, Scrapbooking, Organizing, Brewing a Cup of Tea or Coffee, Dancing, Origami, Embroidery, Cooking something new, Decluttering unnecessary pieces of stuff, Developing a bedtime and morning routine.

Believe me Doodling, Coloring, Dancing, and Scribbling down my thoughts have helped me a lotExtremely therapeutic.

daily hobby activities
Hone your skills by spending adequate time on activity you love to do. Photo by Giulia Bertelli on UnSplash.com

How does it matter? Well, it matters a lot:

  • You will have a planned routine.
  • Enjoy “Me Time.”
  • You will pick up a new hobby, talent, and skill. Trust me; it is exceptionally productive and rewarding. It will push you to grow.
  • Reduced Screen Time and more Meaningful Experiences.
  • You will have a particular ability to teach and train others.

Get Your Body Moving

This for everyone because everyone however wishes to remain fit at the end of the day. Especially the Work from Home Culture certainly demands it.

  • Amidst your extremely busy work schedule, Take Short Intervals. Be it as momentary as 3 to 5 minutes.
    • Twist, Bend, and Stretch. Perfectly Doable, Right?
  • Create a Happy Dance of your own. Do it right away when you feel lethargic. It will bring immense joy and energy.

Yes, It Definitely Works!

Happy Dance
Energize with Happy Dance. Photo by Juan Camilo Navia on UnSplash.com

Power of Acceptance

A step-forward to self-development. Positive Thinking is a Dysphoria. If you can’t accept your failure and start working towards it, your positive thinking for positive outcomes is in vain. The first step begins with SELF-ACCEPTANCE. Be confident in what you are. Normalize how you feel: Some days you will feel highly energetic and some days you will feel blue. That is FLAWLESSLY OKAY. Just don’t forget to keep your crazy spirit up! The more you love and care for yourself, the happier you become because you are not in desperate need of someone loving yourself.

ASK THIS QUESTION: Whom do you love the most? And see in what position you put yourself.

black and red floral happy birthday card
Self-love is the highest frequency that attracts everything you want. Photo by Annie Spratt on UnSplash.com

Want that Radiant Glow? Feel Genuinely Happy and Love Yourself First!

Daily Progression

Imagine yourself at the end of the year rewarding yourself with the significant progress you made. Whether it is a step closer to upskill your talent, improving your interpersonal skills, being a better person, or getting fit, you have advanced each day. You have achieved what you were thriving from the very first day of the year by DAILY PROGRESSION.

Daily Emphasis and Firm Determination will take you long way. Photo by Hayley Catherine on UnSplash.com

Work On You, For You!

the real reason habits matter is not because they can get you better results (although they can do that), but because they can change your beliefs about yourSelf.

James Clear

Be your own upgrade. You will be on your way to reach EUDAIMONIA. To know such words click here.

Krutika Jadeja Hirani
Krutika Jadeja Hirani
Born and raised in India, I am Electronics & Communication Engineer. New Technologies, Travelling, Reading, Dancing, Relishing Different Culture and Making Delicious Meals are the things that fascinate me the most. Caught by Wanderlust bug, I would describe myself as a "Flaneur" I am passionately curious about exploring new horizons. Dance keeps my creative flare intact. Reading and Travelling helps me to narrate tales that motivate. Having a Papyrophilia, I love to hoard stationeries. I am here, to make a difference through my writings, share ideas and hope to inspire. I live by this quote:"Pen is mightier than Sword."



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