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Adventures in Utrecht #1: The Washing Machine Disaster of 2017

Last updated 6 months ago by Michael Darmanin

Our first flat in Utrecht had both a washer and a dryer, conveniently located next to all of our food and appliances in our tiny kitchen. My eyes had never seen this before because in America laundry and lunch are strictly separate activities. No matter, we will adjust, adapt and move forward. 

What? All the instructions are in Dutch. Surely there will be a manual online, right? Yes! In Chinese, French, German and Indonesian…not English. Fine, we’re smart, we will figure it out.

Utrecht washing machine disaster
Foamy suds flowing out of the residence of Mr Scott Pearson in Utrecht

After a few minutes we thought we figured it out. When I poured the entire bottle of liquid laundry soap into the reservoir, I figured this ‘smart device’ would use only as much as each load required. Brilliant! We loaded up the machine and went to the grocery store. (see Adventures in Utrecht #2)

Feeling pretty good about our big brains, we strolled down to Albert’s Hennie (our cheeky name for AH) and shopped for an hour. Upon returning home I first notice foam squeezing out the front door as I turned our key. What followed was a soft, slow tidal wave of foam in slow motion. Our entire apartment was filled with white bubbles and suds (zeepsop) up to our waist belt. It was also pouring down all 24 steps and out our front door. (see photo courtesy of a nasty neighbor and posted online) Over the next half hour, the neighbors were both delighted and cruel to us, laughing like crows as we cleaned up the mess. Fortunately we had closed our living room door so our possessions were safe, but the carpet took weeks to dry and ultimately had to be replaced. Yet another weird experience for later.

Jeffrey Scott Pearson
Jeffrey Scott Pearson
It seems no matter how I share my experiences - in a concert hall, an art gallery or a classroom – I am always a storyteller and my subject is truth. Throughout my life I have always felt my place in this world was to foster communication and love. I now seek to share my wisdom, my passion and my maturity to help others tell their important stories.



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