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Utrecht swimming pools smoke free starting summer

Last updated 2 days ago by Michael Darmanin

Utrecht municipality is leading by example in taking steps towards a Smoke-free Generation in 2040. They managed to create smoke free playgrounds. Currently, swimming pools Den Hommel, De Kwakel, De Krommerijn and Fletiomare will be smoke free from this summer onwards.

Smoke Free Generation

The number of smoke-free areas is increasing. Hopefully, others will follow. As it has been stated before the more associations and municipalities support this trend of creating a healthy environment for children the better it is for their future

“ We want children and young people in Utrecht to have a smoke-free upbringing. A Smoke Free Generation by 2040 is the ultimate goal. It is important that places where children go to are non-smoking. We want playgrounds, petting zoos and swimming pools to be smoke free. It is nice to see many organizations and catering establishments are choosing to become smoke-free on their own.”

Eelco Erenberg, councilor of public health

Pilot for Smoke-free Playgrounds

Investigations are being run by the municipality whether subsidies can be given to spark attention. They want to provide children to have an upbringing without smoking. By the end of 2020, Youth and Family Centers in Utrecht will be smoke free. There will be a pilot showing smoke-free playgrounds in the Noordwest and Overvecht districts.

Source: Utrecht Gemeente

Sarah Chebaro
Sarah Chebaro
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Utrecht swimming pools smoke free starting summer

Utrecht municipality is leading by example in taking steps towards a Smoke-free Generation in 2040. They managed to create smoke free playgrounds....

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