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Protection in the time of Covid-19

Last updated 4 months ago by Michael Darmanin

It seems like we have kept the invisible enemy at bay, with new case numbers dwindling as the weeks go on and life returning to some semblance of normalcy in the Netherlands.

However, one big reason why cases have decreased so drastically from the numbers where they were in March is because individuals in this country have taken the necessary protective precautions and have done a good job adhering to the rules set in place by the government.

Increasing case numbers

In the last weekly update published by the RIVM, the number of new Covid-19 cases reported from 8-14 July was 534, which is actually 102 more new cases than were reported the week before. We may not be able to know exactly how these cases were spread, but we can assume that the best way to prevent further spread is by following the guidelines set up by the government, and by avoiding those crowds in the streets and restaurants that seem to be pushing the limit for the allotted gathering size.

One of our best defenses in this time is personal protective gear. Sanitizing products, gloves, and face masks are all effective in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Private home-use may not be required by the government, but it is recommended in certain areas of business, why is why you may want to consider using a mask in areas like busy restaurants, salons, and smaller stores. 

Small businesses may have to consider increased usage of these products for the health and safety of their guests and employees. Balthasar Protect is one company supplying affordable non-medical grade protective equipment to consumers, smaller organizations and companies.

Using proper protective equipment

The RIVM has already issued statements that individuals should be wearing non-medical grade masks from the 1st of June, rather than homemade masks, due to the fact that homemade masks tend to be made of materials that may not work as well as those of medical-grade masks, like cotton or linen. The government has also stated that individuals should avoid using vacuum filters or bags in the lining of their masks, due to the presence of chemicals in many of the fleece-like woven filters.

Before letting go to waste all of the time spent in quarantine and adhering to the stricter corona virus preventative measures, let’s not forget what we can do easily to prevent any further spread. Businesses and individuals have a responsibility for taking these easily-followed measures to heart and using proper protective equipment in closed-off areas. Look up Balthasar Protect today if you want an affordable way to protect yourself and your associates from the corona virus.

Sources: RIVM and Balthasar Protect

Flora Lehmann
Flora Lehmann
Flora Lehmann is a German-American student. She has been living in the Netherlands for the last four years and recently moved to Utrecht to study Literature. She aspires to consult and report about relevant news and ideas in media. Flora has a background in economics and enjoys discussing business and growth methods. She has a keen literary mind and writes in her spare time.


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