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Corona update: 70% of new cases have no symptoms at all

Last updated 6 months ago by Michael Darmanin

Lately, numbers have risen of people that are contaminated with Corona. In Belgium they are already speaking about the second wave and everybody (>12 years old) should wear mouth protection (a mondkapje) in public. In the Northern parts of Spain numbers haven risen so much, that locally parts are back in Lock Down situation. Also, people arriving on the airport Schiphol have appeared to be sick. Reason to close the frontiers again and cancel all holidays? Or is it possible that numbers only haven risen because of better and more testing opportunities?

More Testing More cases of Corona in Utrecht?

It is obvious that when testing capacity increases, the number of detected cases of Corona will rise as well. The president of the Dutch equivalent of RIVM, Fernando Simón, says that numbers have risen because people are loosening up. Probably he is referring to the images we all saw on the news, from Dutch young people “misbehaving”, finally enjoying holidays after three months of lock down and no social life what so ever. But this president also states that 70% of the new cases of Corona, have no symptoms at all.

A warning to all

If you have no symptoms, there is no reason to get tested so, this is a little curious. How can cases still rise? At the moment, in the Netherlands, everybody is asked to get tested on Corona, when you have the slightest symptoms like a cough and some fever. Therefor there is reason to believe that rising numbers might be a case of statistics and used methods of calculating new numbers. Like maybe all people working in healthcare are tested so yes, this will surely give reason to augmented numbers from Corona cases and especially does without having symptoms.

Numbers are not enough

Nevertheless, we should not so much worry about numbers as about our behaviour. We all know that a second wave will cause severe problems. Although capacity of IC beds have been argumented, there is not enough care personnel employed. Working at the IC is not that popular as is the reward you get. In the Netherlands, government has given out some one-off reward of about €1000 but it is already clear that there is not enough money for all people working in care. And to employ more nurses, salaries have to rise structurally.

Protest against 1,5 m in Utrecht

On the other hand it is clear that 1,5 m society is a totally different society than the one most people want. Although I really can appreciate some distance when having a meal on a terrace, it is strikingly awkward not giving hands and hugs to people you like and love. And as we are a small country, space is limited. Having to keep distance makes some entrepreneurship completely impossible. So maybe we should ALL just get tested. When positive, and suffering symptoms stay at HOME. When positive, but not having symptoms, wear protection (a mondkapje). And please, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Then we can all shake hands, dance together and have some fun!

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Linda Sibeijn
Linda Sibeijn
Linda Sibeijn is a native Dutch Woman, writer since 2010. Mostly for SEO purposes but likes to write about anything interesting. She studied Geography and Environmental sciences. Loves nature, sports and healthy living and likes to contribute to a better world by clear- non violent communication.


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