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Kings Day in Utrecht, will the sun shine?

Last updated 4 weeks ago by Michael Darmanin

[gard align=”right”]Here we have a fascinating article from www.hoyhoy.nl telling us about the weather we have suffered every Kings Day.

What exactly will it be like in 2019? Can we forecast it?

Will you be able to enjoy the sun or the rain? Well it looks like we may be in luck!

What does history tell us?

Talitha Guardian lets us know:

King’s Day 2014: good start

King's Day 2014

We celebrated the very first King’s Day in 2014. Not on April 27, but on April 26. If King’s Day falls on a Sunday, as was the case that year, this party will be celebrated the day before. The royal family visited the municipalities of Amstelveen and de Rijp (now the municipality of Alkmaar). But of course it was a celebration all over the country on the first King’s Day of the Netherlands. In 2014 there was nice weather on King’s Day; the maximum temperature was 17.6 degrees that day. The temperature did not fall below 10.4 degrees and it was 14 degrees on average. It wasn’t raining and we could enjoy 6.5 hours of sunshine. Quite a good first King’s day!

King’s Day 2015: freezing cold in the night

King's Day 2015

In 2015, King’s Day was celebrated for the first time on 27 April. Princess Beatrix skipped the royal holiday for the first time in 60 years. Willem-Alexander, Máxima and the princesses went to visit Dordrecht. With a maximum temperature of 12.6 degrees, the weather was slightly less good than the year before. The average temperature was 8 degrees and at night the temperature was -0.3 degrees even below freezing. Fortunately it remained dry.

King’s Day 2016: colder than during Christmas

King's Day 2016

King’s Day 2016 is known as the coldest royal holiday since 1985. That day was even colder than during the Christmas season. The maximum temperature was 10.7 degrees, on average it was 6 degrees and the minimum temperature was 3.2 degrees. And it was not only cold: it was raining and in some places in the country there was even hail and wet snow coming from the sky. The text of the King’s song “Through the rain and the wind, I will stand beside you …” was therefore applicable this year; because yes, there you were. Zwolle received the royal family in 2016. Willem-Alexander had a very nice birthday there despite the cold. When he left the city he said: “You radiate such a warmth that despite the weather it has become the warmest King’s day ever.”

King’s Day 2017: Abraham van Oranje-Nassau

King's Day 2017

Willem-Alexander celebrated his 50th birthday on King’s Day 2017, and so do we. Unfortunately, the temperature was comparable to that on King’s Day 2016: once again it was even warmer during Christmas. The maximum temperature was 10.9 degrees and on average it was 6.1 degrees. The minimum temperature was -2 degrees below freezing. Fortunately it didn’t rain, hail and snow this year. Willem-Alexander visited the city of Tilburg with his family. On the day after King’s Day, Willem-Alexander celebrated his birthday one more time, but then slightly smaller. The king gave an anniversary dinner in the Royal Palace on Dam Square. 150 guests were invited who, like the king, have a birthday on 27 April and that year reached a crown year. ‘Ordinary’ Dutch people could register for this.

King’s Day 2018: Golden Elephant

King's Day 2018

Last year it was nice weather on King’s Day. Certainly compared to the years before. The maximum temperature was 15.1 degrees, on average it was 10.3 degrees and the minimum temperature was 4 degrees. And not unimportantly: it remained dry all day. Willem-Alexander, Máxima, the princesses and the rest of the royal family celebrated King’s Day that year in Groningen. And that was a success: King’s Day 2018 won the ‘Golden Elephant’ during the Portuguese Bea World festival. This is an international prize that is awarded annually for the event with the best communication, marketing and live stream worldwide.

King’s Day 2019: the warmest and most sustainable ever

King's Day 2019

With a little luck, King’s Day 2019 will be the hottest ever. According to MeteoGroup Nederland’s weather forecast, the maximum temperature will be no less than 19 degrees. On average it becomes 15.8 degrees and the minimum temperature is 11 degrees.

[gard align=”right”]The royal family is visiting Amersfoort this year. If it’s up to GroenLinks, will also be the most sustainable King’s Day ever this year. The free market is of course a sustainable tradition that ensures that old things get a new life, but King’s Day also provides a lot of waste. The municipality of Amersfoort believes sustainability is very important. That is why all the official promotional material is sustainable at the request of the municipality. Think of all the flags, banners and other decorations in the city, but also the orange crowns that are distributed to the public. Orange cloths made from recycled PET bottles are also attached to the crush barriers along the route. Sustainability is being brought to the attention on the Pig Market with the ‘Recycle yourself’ project. Visitors receive tips for living more sustainably, for example through their own energy by creating something new from old clothing and by making a home more sustainable.

Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.


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