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Celebrate art and music at iktoon

Last updated 4 months ago by Michael Darmanin

[gard align=”right”]Get ready to celebrate art and music with iktoon. iktoon is an organization which believes in the enriching power of art and with the help of numerous partner organizations strives to bring amateur artists to the forefront so that everyone can enjoy what these artists have to offer!

This year, amateur artists and creators from a 130 gemeentes in Nederland bring you a most colourful, creative and musical month. This is the 4th time that this event is being organized by iktoon. And this year their theme is inclusion, displaying their belief that art should be inclusive and should be experienced by all. Looking to join in the fun and showcase what you have to offer to the community? Find out how on their vibrant website https://iktoon.nl/

In Utrecht they are conducting ‘A Lazy Sunday Afternoon’ on the 9th of June at Tolsteegplantsoen where you can bring your picnic blanket and enjoy an afternoon of live music and performances. Find more details here: https://iktoon.nl/agenda/a-lazy-sunday-afternoon-2

Also in Utrecht, on the 19th of May, in ZIMIHC theatre Zuilen, you can enjoy a Cabaret, featuring three try-outs. For more details click here: https://iktoon.nl/agenda/cabareddingsfest

Celebrating 30 years of ZIMIHC, on the weekend of 1st and 2nd June iktoon is organizing ZIMIHC Utrecht Blaast Buiten at Stadhuisbrug. There will also be music orchestra performances at various places in Utrecht including the Mariaplaats, Stadhuisbrug, Utrecht Central and Hoog Catherijne. For more information check out : https://iktoon.nl/agenda/utrecht-blaast-buiten-3

On the 16th of June, at ZIMIHC theatre Stefanus, you can attend the ‘Cultuurproeverij’ to enjoy different types of performances and also try out the flavours of the world at their streetfood offerings. Click here for more info: https://iktoon.nl/agenda/30-jaar-zimih-c-cultuurproeverij-zimih-c-s-streetfood-en-kunstfestival

For information about the events in Utrecht as well as other places in the Netherlands you can go to their website: https://iktoon.nl/

Some of their other attractions include sculpting workshops, poetry afternoons, theatre performances, open air concerts, art markets, public rehearsals, open days and exhibitions organized in different cities in the Netherlands. Wishing all of Utrecht a wonderfully musical, creative, colourful and hopefully sunny month ahead!

Yosha Pharshy
Yosha Pharshy
Hallo, I am Yosha and I moved to the Netherlands with my Software Engineer husband 2 and a half years back and instantly fell in love with the culture (the weather not so much ?). A complete bookworm all my life I am looking forward to putting my literary knowledge to good use in bringing relevant information to the English-speaking public in Utrecht through this informative website.


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