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Appealing untranslatable words to add in your dictionary

At times, we feel short of words to express our feelings, desires, situations or any life experience. There are lots of words that our...

Sean Connery’s Netherlands connection: Diamonds are Forever

Sean Connery, who passed away on 30 Oct 2020, had shot a couple of memorable scenes in Amsterdam for the 1971 Bond movie Diamonds are Forever.

IMPAKT festival 2020 “Zero Footprint” presents critical art and design in Utrecht

On 28th October to 1st November 2020, there will be a five-day multimedia event that includes exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, panels, performances, presentations, and...

Beer and Bitterballen

Dutch cuisine is not really the most mouth-watering in the world. But the beer-bitterballen combination is a delicious exception

Architectural marvels of the Netherlands

Have a glimpse of Dutch architecture

A short-story vending machine in Utrecht

The first short story vending machine in the Netherlands is being inaugurated at the International Literature Festival Utrecht 2020

Children’s books? Adults can read them too

There are good books which are only for adults, because their comprehension presupposes adult experiences, but there are no good books which are only...

The Netherlands: A challenge for expats?

Since 2014, InterNations, a platform dedicated to connecting expats from all over the world, has released yearly reports on expats’ perceptions of their host...

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Nature walks in Bilthoven

Silence, peace, and quiet are privileges. They are also part of a healing process. Nature has its own way of healing. The total silence...

Utrecht University scientists: Breakthrough in studying SARS-CoV2

The second wave is knocking on Europe’s door. The winter is almost here as well, with shorter days and darker nights. But there is...