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End of the year kickoff

Last updated 1 month ago by Michael Darmanin

This year must have been the most challenging one for the entire world! We witnessed many losses; losses of loved ones, losses of our favourite restaurant, and not to forget the epic loss of life as we used to know it. The new normal is something we had to adjust to; no more simple handshakes, or even a decent hug. Many people do not want to consider the year 2020 due to pandemic. We wish we could just delete the nightmare called COVID-19.

After rain comes sunshine

It is not simple to overcome what we have been through, this is a fact. However, there is hope for us to somehow move on. When we put goals and ambitions, we would have something to live for. With a vision as bright as the sun, we can make it to through the dark tunnel. It is not easy to erase whatever happened in 2020 however, we surely survived it for a reason! The great John Lennon said;— ‘Everything will be okay in the endIf it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’

Close your eyes for a bit and imagine. Imagine yourself being incredibly happy. Like your face would actually hurt from smiling. What do you see yourself doing? Is it possible for you to turn that vision into reality? If it is not, consider it your new year resolution! Make a list of the brave things you want to do next year! Forget about COVID-19 for a while and just consider new courses of actions. Be brave, be bold!

Faiza Taha Yasin
Faiza Taha Yasin
My name is Faiza Taha Yasin. Born in Cairo raised in the Netherlands. I am a content creator, marketing strategist and blogger (aspiring novelist). Other than all of the above, I am also a free-lance English teacher, instructor and trainer. I very much love art, culture, history and a meaningful conversation. Curiosity is one of the words I am known for. I always love to go on adventurous, eye opening trips exploring the world through my eyes. I like to see it from different perspectives


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