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Traveling back to the medieval era: Castle de Haar

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Ever thought about time travel? Well, who hasn’t? Wouldn’t it be amazing to push a button and suddenly find ourselves wandering around in the times that are far far away from us?

Neo-gothic architecture

I have always dreamt about time travel and the magical spirits it would have created if it was a possibility. Sadly, it is not! However, there are a few ways to trick our brains to create an experience of time travel. One of the unique tricks is to immerse ourselves in remains of an old architecture, and guess what? The Netherlands has quite a few of them!

Fairy-tale like architecture

Castle de Haar is the largest castle in the Netherlands, located about twelve kilometres away from Utrecht’s central zone. Even though the castle was built on the ruins of a Medieval fortress in the late nineteenth century, it’s neo-gothic architecture style creates a nostalgic experience of walking in an old Medieval edifice. If you want to see the traces of fairy-tales in the castle’s stones, unleash your imagination while roaming in the building. You will notice exciting marks and traces and will think about how buildings and stones will stay and we will leave.

Visit Castle de Haar

But let’s return to our twenty-first-century lives. There are still plenty of activities going on in the castle: Guided tours, exhibitions, theatres, and other cultural activities are among them.

Interested in knowing more about the activities and offers? Have a look for yourself on the website.

Shabnam Shirzadi
Shabnam Shirzadi
Shabnam Shirzadi is a dramatic writer and researcher based in Amsterdam. She has currently graduated in Theatre Studies from the University of Amsterdam. As a writer, she had experienced with different forms of integrating fact and fiction in her previous works to create an alternate history in our imaginations. Currently, museums, castles, and remnants of old architecture and civilization inspire her. At the same time, she tries to find her way in mythology, fiction, and drama by reading and writing about them. For her, writing is the only vehicle through which she can travel in times and spaces.



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