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Finding a room in Utrecht: Make your own advertorial or pay for registration

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Finding a room in Utrecht as a student is not easy. As a foreign student may be even more difficult. It has been proven that landlords tend to ask higher rental prices for foreigners than for Dutch students. So if you are looking for housing for a reasonable price, what should you do? Put yourself and your best selfie on social media and promise to be the best roommate or? Have you tried Kamernet?

Finding a room in Utrecht? Temporarily housing in Utrecht or permanent

Most students are not looking for permanent housing. Therefore is registration at formal housing sites like Woningnet not likely to be successful. This organisation has to deal with everyone who is looking for appropriate accommodation, so you are competing with family’s that have been registrated for 7-10 years. It is also restricted to a particular region (like Utrecht, where you do find housing in Zeist or de Bilt, but Soesterberg is not covered). But if you ever want to be able to apply, then registration is useful. It only cost you €20 a year and with a little patience, in about 3-7 years you have a nice single family rentalhome. Especially if you register yourself with the city’s ‘lottery’ system, you might be lucky and end up with a place earlier (like Soest/Soesterberg in Gewest Eemland).

Find Standard prized rooms Utrecht on social media

Once there was a time you could rent a room for €250-400. Those rooms are hard to find. Mostly you find them in so called student houses and to apply for a room, the biggest chance is your social network. Make yourself popular by providing a reward for anyone that finds you a room. Bake a cake, compose a song or offer something different, as long as it is creative, joyful and original. Use Facebook, Instagram or whatever social channel you think is suitable. Also check out the campus housing authority or the school bulletin board.

Finding a room via Kamernet

Finding a room in Utrecht? Kamernet is another way to find the room that is suitable for you. And likewise, if you have a room to spare, you can easily find a suitable tenant via Kamernet. Of course you pay for registration. About € 25-30 and you can react on any room you like. It covers all kind of rooms all over the Netherlands. Remember our country is not that big and a room in Zeist, De Bilt or Soesterberg is probably more near the science park than any other place in Utrecht.

Nothing like a nice soft bed and a good nights rest to finish complete a hard days work. Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash.
Nothing like a nice soft bed and a good nights rest to complete a hard days work. Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash.

New, modern, completely furniture, student studios in Utrecht

Nido has a surprise for new students. For a reasonable amount of money (well that’s relative, of course) you can rent a completely new studio near the center with everything you need as a student. While € 800 may not sound reasonable, the good news is that this studio is counted as an independent house and is it possible to get rent allowance (with some restrictions).

Lower rent price through Huurtoeslag

This means that you get some substantial financial compensation when your income is low (like all students suffer from, say below €1400-1500/month) and you have less fortune than €31.000 on your banking account. The rent must stay below €737,14. It will not come as a surprise, that all standard studio’s already have been booked. But if you can spare some €843 a month (note that most of the the studio’s come with a double bed), then various more luxurious studios are still available. Maximum rent amount of €737.14 huurtoeslag is rent + service costs. All studios remain below this limits, the difference in price can be traced back to furniture and decorating.

For some students, living out of a suit case at a hostel for months on end is a reality. Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash.

Still looking for housing Utrecht?

Finding a room in Utrecht? If you are still reading you might be interested in the last, and by far cheapest option. It is called “Anti-kraak”. In the 70-80’s last century you may remember students who possessed empty buildings. In those day nice house were left inhabited just for speculation options. Students found a maze in the law and moved in.

Anti Squat room in Utrecht

Nowadays, propriety ones are very alert on this and to prevent “leegstand” they offer their empty building to “Antikraak” organizations. This means you can rent for example a classroom or an empty church, just to prevent others to “kraak” it. As a rule, this are very cheap options like €90 a month. But the rooms can be very big and you have to pay for heating yourself. Also internet and other services may be lacking and difficult to achieve. You are living with one or more roommates at the same address. Of course you have your own room. A room can be small, but it can also be a complete classroom. The notice period for anti-squatter rooms and anti-squat houses is one month. And for registration you pay. Of course. €15.

Tired of living in small, expensive Utrecht?

Of course their can be a moment that you get tired of living in this small country. Well. If you are a handyman, we have good news: In Italy you can buy a uninhabited, deserted house for only €1. In addition, you pay €250 each year, till you have renovated your house. But, pay attention: you have only three year to accomplish renovation. If you don’t succeed, you pay a lot more. We recommend you try Kamernet if you are looking for shared accommodation.

Linda Sibeijn
Linda Sibeijn
Linda Sibeijn is a native Dutch Woman, writer since 2010. Mostly for SEO purposes but likes to write about anything interesting. She studied Geography and Environmental sciences. Loves nature, sports and healthy living and likes to contribute to a better world by clear- non violent communication.


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