World’s Largest Bike Parking Facility

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Where will be the world’s largest bike parking facility? Well, as you might have guessed by now, it will be in Utrecht. About a month ago, Royal BAM Group N.V. started the construction of world’s largest bike parking facility, underneath the platforms of Utrecht Central station. The three-storied parking facility is expected to have a capacity for parking 12500 bikes. This facility will be developed in two phases, with first one to be ready by 2016 and the next one by 2018.

This is part of the renovation of the city centre that is currently underway. The Hoog Catherijn shopping mall, which was built in 1970s, will be renovated and integrated with this bike parking facility. A canal that was once part of the city’s centre but was later diverted, will be again flowing through the centre. The video simulation below is worth more than any number of words.

The hardships of current renovation of the city centre is worth enduring, for pleasant days are ahead, albeit four more years to go.

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