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A Week of ‘On This Day’

On our @utrechtcentral Twitter feed we have been producing a new feature called “On This Day” featuring famous people from or events about Utrecht that happened on the relevant day. Some days we have...

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If I Were A Tourist in My City

I found a fascinating insight into the world of Utrecht on the web site There was an article entitled “If I Were A Tourist in My City.” As luck would have it, they...


My wife was in Utrecht this week

My wife was in sunny Utrecht this weekend to meet my sons prospective in laws. Lovely folk from Rotterdam, just as their daughter is. A true marriage made in Heaven, well Utrecht anyway. Spending... - A brief history of Utrecht Central - Credit Bethany Bertran 0

The real meaning behind CU2030

When we first moved here in 2010, the enormous station-area renovation “CU2030” was just underway. I had mistaken the slogan* to mean that the renewal would take 20 years and finish in 2030. When... - Blog - Jon Wilkins - Politics 0

On politics and of course, football

Various thought come to mind. Trump meeting your Prime minister. Trump hardly has to open his mouth and rubbish pours out. He seems to live in an alternate reality as nothing he says has... - Blog - Jon Wilkins - For budding Dutch poets 1

For budding Dutch poets

Following on from my piece about Utrecht gaining UNESCO City of Literature status, what exactly does that mean to the citizens of Utrecht? Are you all now in a position to write a novel... - Love of Dutch football Netherlands 1974 0

Love and football

As I have already told you. I was in love with a Dutch girl whilst at school. She was from Rotterdam, so it made sense to support her team Feyenoord and I felt I... - truth or lie 0


I see that Halbe Zijlstra has resigned. A politician resigning for telling lies. Is that unique to Holland? We have politicians in the UK who lie all the time. The Brexit campaigners were successful...