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Its interesting as to how people respond to requests for interviews about their life and work in the fine city of Utrecht and the Region.

Most people are only too pleased to share their experiences and we have had some amazing interviews with Utrechters on these pages in recent months,

The stories they tell bring so much to the city and we can shine a light on people who otherwise would not be appreciated as much as they should be.

The other side of the coin is that group of people who can just not be bothered.

I would have thought an interview with Wesley Sneijder on his career  would be great for the people of his home town, Utrecht. But his agent thought not and I doubt if he even sent on my request as he never replied. The same with Affelay, another Utrechter. He ignored requests. The local women’s basketball team after four months of me trying, finally got round to declining my request, but only after I had accused them of being arrogant for not responding.

The agent of several Women’s footballers said he could not help. Now here I wonder why. I know the agent is the gate keeper, but surely, he should open those gates for someone who is interested in their sport and in their players, but no. It’s strange as their sport gets little coverage so you would have thought that every little bit helps.

Governing bodies are an interesting case the KNVB at first didn’t understand my question about how much women’s football goes on in Utrecht, so after rephrasing it to ask how much women’s football goes on in Utrecht, I am still waiting ten days later for an answer.

I know people are busy. I respect the fact that volunteers run a lot of web sites or Facebook or Twitter, but why use social media if you are not going to respond to it.

The Dominators of Utrecht are a good example of a positive attitude. They have been great, we made a Twitter connection and now we share their information on our site. Football clubs seem slow to respond, rugby clubs also.

We love to put up the photographs that are available of local sporting events, they bring colour to our pages, but hopefully colour to your lives as well and this has been a bonus from social media and we are able to share with you the talent of local photographers. Other photographers are welcome to share their work with us, not just of sporting events, but of scenes around Utrecht.

We want to promote Utrecht. I love Utrecht. Utrecht should be so proud of what it represents every day. I try to show that pride through the articles I write, but this is a two way process. We need you to help, need you to suggest ideas or to follow up on what we have written. Tell us in the comments section what you think, what you feel, what you disagree with in what we write. You the reader should show us the way to go forward by sharing what you know and what you think everyone should know.

If you as a club or a group are asked a question you should really answer it or at the very least say that you can’t. Common courtesy goes a long way. We are almost always running positive stories about Utrecht. Over the last four months there have been just two critical stories about renting. Everything else is a feel good item, unless your team loses of course!

We look for the good in the city. That should be obvious to all our readers, so get involved. Send us your news, your ideas, your photographs. Everything is welcome. UtrechtCentral is about you and for you. It is you!

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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