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I found a fascinating insight into the world of Utrecht on the web site Townske.com. There was an article entitled “If I Were A Tourist in My City.”

As luck would have it, they were from Utrecht.

It is of great interest to see other people’s perspectives of the city and they have chosen the various venues, they are not endorsed by utrechtcentral. I am just reporting them. I may come up with my own feature soon!

Firstly, they would stay at the Mother Goose Hotel

With its super central location and beautiful view at the Dom, this hotel is another interior design gem of the city. The building has a rich history dating from mentions in the 14th century to the very recent squatter occupation that was ended in 2013. The two buildings have 23 rooms which are divided over 4 floors. Each floor has a colour theme and all rooms, designed by the local Morph design studio, are truly unique and have distinctive details which reflect the rich history of the buildings.

Once they have had a good night’s sleep, the tourist has to have a first coffee of the day. They feel that 30ml has the best coconut milk flat-white coffee in the town. You can sit by a big window and observe the buzz in the city centre or use the outside bench to snuggle up to your loved one.

They would then want to stroll through Binnenstad. Though Utrecht centre is relatively small, you can either rent a bike and cycle around or just walk. The Oude and Nieuwegracht are great places to visit.

If you want a pick me up then why not try SLA Utrecht. This is an establishment where the concept of the healthy seasonal bio-product salad bar has proven to be very successful and SLA Utrecht opened on Voorstraat last year.

Back to strolling around the city and what about a visit to the Centraal Museum?

There is always an exciting exhibition as its centre piece, plus all the other projects on show make it a wonderful experience for the visitor.

After a bit of culture, then what about an inspection of one of the fashion hot spots in Utrecht. That’s the one, Hutspot of Utrecht!

Hutspot opened in November last year and has proven to be a great source for gift shopping. It sells carefully selected items from young designers. Hutspot also has a cafe and organizes events and workshops.

Finally, to end the day why not eat out at Yoepz Kip & Kreeft

When you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of walking for the day and start to feel hungry, Yoepz is one of the many options in Utrecht where you can dine out. This restaurant specializes in lobster and chicken and serves a number of delicious meals with these two ingredients. What an interesting menu…

Of course, we all have our own ideas of what to do in Utrecht and I’ll let you know mine in a few weeks. Why not let us know yours? We’d love to hear from you. Twitter would be a good place to send us your list. @utrechtcentral

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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