Global Warming. The Utrecht Question

What can Utrecht do about Global Warming and Climate Change?

Always fun to listen to the scientifically illiterate Donald Trump until you realise that yes, it’s true , he IS President of the United States.

Now that is a whole other story, but climate change, well at least Trump has now agreed, for the moment anyway:

I don’t think it’s a hoax

But how long before he is swayed by political interest groups to say yes, it is a hoax? After all, when it comes to climate change deniers, Trump is confident because

People say, people say that…

What they say he is not too sure about, but he knows that we have had worse hurricanes in the past. With that kind of scientific knowledge backing him up we are all in safe hands.

Trump now thinks that climate change does exist, but will disappear automatically! So at last US President Donald Trump recognizes that climate change exists?

But he does not think that human action is the cause and he thinks that the climate

…could very well go back

Trump made these ludicrous statements on Sunday evening in an interview with the programme 60 Minutes on CBS.

Under Trump the US shamelessly withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement. Agreements which were made there by all countries to reduce CO2 emissions.

Earlier Trump also stated bizarrely that climate change could be a plan by the Chinese to thwart the US economy.

Of course, as with so many of his lies and fantasies none of these statements by the US President about climate change are substantiated. The scientific consensus is that human action does indeed influence climate change.

We all know that

‘Global warming is changing again’

In The Netherlands we are particularly at risk from a change in tidal patterns and sea level rises. Trump in his painful ignorance rejects this, thinking only of his backers, the climate change deniers and the lobbyists who control his fund raising.

Or worse still, he knows the truth about climate change, but finds it politically expedient to ignore it.

Maybe Trump has been talking to a few more scientifically aware people, but when he said in his recent CBS interview that the climate will automatically change back in a few million years you have to wonder who they are, as he of course could not say exactly what he based this claim on.

We have all seen the data from scientists and the American space agency NASA that shows that the earth has only become warmer since the 1970s. In the decades before, warmer and colder years alternated each other. With the earlier denial of climate change, Trump ignored the studies of scientists.

Trump does not know whether climate change is manmade. He believes’ climate has changed, but could “change back.”

The UN last week sounded a wake-up call when they presented a report in which a final warning was given about warming up the earth. That warming had to be limited as much as possible in order to prevent far-reaching consequences. Further global warming can mean that coral reefs will disappear and irreversibly damage the ecosystems. The UN stated that the world must act now. The world will, the Americans will not.

“Scientists have a political agenda…”

Says Trump.

Yes, an agenda that will save millions from the adverse effects of Global Warming.

How will this effect us in Utrecht?

Do we need to change our attitude?

How can America be brought back into the Global community?

Photograph by Chris_LeBoutillier Pixabay

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