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You go weeks without much happening and then November 2 comes along and there is a veritable feast of famous peoples birthdays. all born in the fair city of Utrecht. Before that however, October 31 saw the birth of the unique Marco van Basten, one of the most cultured footballers of all time, whose career was sadly cut short by injury. He was a joy to watch.

On 27 October in 1947 Jeroen van der Veer was born. He was the former CEO of the petroleum corporation Royal Dutch Shell until 30 June 2009. He currently serves as Chairman of Philips. Here is an interesting interview he gave in 2009.

On 28 October in 1879 WG Van de Hulst was born in Utrecht. He was a teacher, then Headmaster and a Children’s Book writer. See his web site here

31 October Marco van Basten was born in 1964. He will always be one of my favourite ever players. He was a genius.

Photo of van Basten By Snake90 at Italian Wikipedia. (Transferred from it.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

On November 1 in 1570 a tidal wave in the North Sea destroyed the sea walls from Holland to Jutland. Over a thousand people were killed.

November 2  was a busy day indeed:

Rijk de Gooyer actor died this day in 2011. He was the winner of the renowned Golden Calf in 1982, 1995 and 1999. Read a bit more about him here.

Maria Brigitta Catherina “Ria” Beckers-de Bruijn was born this day in 1938. She was a politician. She was the political leader of the progressive Christian party PPR and its successor GreenLeft. Because of her motherly appearance, Beckers was called “Moeder” by other PPR members.

Charlotte Jacoba Maria Mutsaers was also born on this day in 1942. She is a painter, prose writer and essayist. She won the Constantijn Huygens Prize and the P. C. Hooft Award for her literary work. Find out about her here.


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