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On our @utrechtcentral Twitter feed we have been producing a new feature called “On This Day” featuring famous people from or events about Utrecht that happened on the relevant day. Some days we have a choice of what to write, other days nothing actually happened. Well not enough to bother the various web pages that I have searched through. Perhaps if you find something you could let us know.

Anyway, here are the weeks events, some you might remember. Though if you were around when Hendrik Marsman was born, I can only say well done. If you were at the founding of Kampong Hockey Club, another round of applause is due your way. Enjoy Utrechts history and do follow up on the links provided. Have a great weekend.

22 September in 1977 ARIE KRANENBURG a policeman was brutally murdered in Utrecht by terrorist Knut Folkerts from the Red Army Faction or Baader Meinhoff Gang from Germany. On this website they discuss the aftermath of the crime years later

September 23 in 1940 PIET MONDRIAN left Europe for New York to escape the War. He lived there for the rest of his life. A native of the Utrecht Region, take a look at a website dedicated to him here.

September 24 in 1978, The Netherlands won the Womens Hockey World Championship in Madrid and included in the team was Utrechts very own goalkeeper DET DE BUIS. Here is a fascinating article about her skills and legacy.

25 September in 2012, Utrechts ANOUCHKA VAN MILTENBURG was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives. She was in office until 12 December 2015. Take a look at her official web page.

26 September I couldn’t find anything! Do you know of anything that occurred?

27 September in 1947 DICK ADVOCAAT was born. Newly appointed coach of FC Utrecht, we wish him Happy Birthday and Good Luck in his first home Eredivisie game this weekend against FC Groningen. Read all about him here.

28 September in 1952, SYLVIA MARIA KRISTEL was born in Utrecht. She was an actress who became an icon. Read about her here.

It’s always interesting to look into the past as well as the future. Utrecht has an awful lot going on ahead of us, but we should still take a moment to remember those who blazed a trail before us or who made it easier for us to lead the lives we do now.

Not much appears to have happened next week in Utrechts history. I may be wrong and will continue to search. Do tell us if you know of any special event. It might be your mothers birthday or your wedding anniversary. You could make history. Tweet @utrechtcentral

Have we missed anyone or anything? Do let us know?

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