Michael Darmanin – Managing Director

I created Utrecht Central after I graduated in 2012 with the idea in mind to create a news platform that caters to non-Dutch speakers. It started out as a simple idea and has grown to what it has become today. As a communications and media professional, I feel compelled when I think about the essence of “the message”. Let’s all connect and make this something special for everyone.

Silviu Alexandru Costea – Writer / Editor

Silviu A. Costea is a psychology student with a deep appreciation for beauty, may it be in art, science, nature, or anywhere else. With his passion for writing and experience as an international student, he is dedicated to providing quality content on various topics. He is a keen listener and he is convinced that everyone has a story worth sharing.

Jeffrey Scott Pearson - Utrecht Central

Jeffrey Scott Pearson – Writer / Editor

It seems no matter how I share my experiences – in a concert hall, an art gallery or a classroom – I am always a storyteller and my subject is truth. Throughout my life I have always felt my place in this world was to foster communication and love. I now seek to share my wisdom, my passion and my maturity to help others tell their important stories.

Lizet Wesselman – Business Developer

Lizet Wesselman is a content marketeer with a passion for writing. As an expat herself, she knows the struggles of having to find information without speaking the language. As a native Dutch speaker, she will be able to build a bridge between Dutch speakers and non-Dutch speakers by writing interesting and fun articles to keep you up to date on what’s going on.

Utrecht Central Team - Sarah Chebaro

Sarah Chebaro – Journalist/Editor

Sarah Chebaro is an Architect/Graphic designer who graduated with a MSc from TU Delft. She realized she wants to delve into the Journalism world and is now pursuing that part of the creative field. She is a traveler and enjoys to start conversations to allow people to explore certain subjects that they do not normally think about. She is an athlete wanting to inspire people to get their goals and aspires to spread the truth about what is happening around us.

Marco Guadagnoli – Author/Editor

Marco Guadagnoli is an Italian Scientist. He finished his studies in Amsterdam at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and obtained his PhD in Oncology in 2013. Since then he worked in Dutch biotech companies and specialized in the field of Immune-oncology. Marco likes to share opinions on different topics and he is very keen in supporting information for expats in the Netherlands.

Flora Lehmann – Business Developer

Flora Lehmann is a German-American student. She has been living in the Netherlands for the last four years and recently moved to Utrecht to study Literature. She aspires to consult and report about relevant news and ideas in media. Flora has a background in economics and enjoys discussing business and growth methods. She has a keen literary mind and writes in her spare time.

Pierre Banoori – Photographer

Pierre Banoori is a French energy scientist that has been living in Utrecht for the last 4 years. In that time, his passion for photography thrived and lead to the establishment of Pierre Banoori Photography. He has worked with Utrecht University, Olympos Sportcentrum, Watdajel festival, Explore Utrecht, and many more. Pierre is always ready to deliver wonderful photographs that capture what you’re looking for, and even what you might have missed.

Gary Nelson – Advisory Board

Gary Nelson is an IT specialist working within the Big Data space for over 20 years and enjoys playing Tennis in his spare time. Nelson is currently a Senior Technical Architect at IBM, focusing on Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence capabilities. He has written for the Lithuania newspaper lietuvos rytas on football topics.

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