About Us


To be a leading independent source of news, events and general information for the city of Utrecht.


To serve as an English language platform that provides information to those who don’t speak Dutch or who enjoy reading articles in English. We strive:

To provide information about the city of Utrecht. The information we provide consists of:

  • General information
  • News
  • Events
  • Blog posts
  • Interviews
  • Discount deals
  • Sponsored ads

To provide services that are relevant to businesses that may want to work with us. Our services include:

  • General sponsorship
  • Sponsored content
  • Social media exposure
  • Sponsored events
  • Journalism services
  • Photography services

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Core values

Quality and credibility of news

Our editors strive to ensure that all content adheres to strict editorial guidelines before publishing to ensure quality. They ensure that all published content is accurate, truthful, non-misleading. Our only exception are blog articles which can contain content of a more subjective nature since the opinions of the author are expressed.

Our guidelines are partially based on the Editors’s Code of Practice set by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

Who are our target audiences?

  • Tourists who are planning to visit Utrecht
  • Expats living in Utrecht and don’t speak Dutch
  • Dutch who enjoy reading information in English
  • Anyone anywhere in the world interested in reading credible news

A place to learn, work and gain experience

We support those who want to learn, gain experience and make a career in the communications and media sector. We also support those who are simply looking to create a portfolio for themselves or gain more recognition in their own field. Our team consists of authors, editors, search engine and content specialists, scientists and music lovers to name a few.

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